Devlog #98 — The Crescent Ring, Realm Academy Ep. 17

3 min readOct 31, 2023


Welcome to Devlog #98 and happy Halloween! We hope you’ve enjoyed the All Hallows Ritual quest and we’ve definitely noticed a lot of you rocking the Golden pumpkin chariot around the tracks — a flex for sure.

We’ve also got to shout out the insane ‘Realm of the Dead’ from Arty — a super dope world created purely using the builder tools and in which you can find the skulls and candles that you need to complete the All Hallow’s Ritual quest. If you’ve not had a chance to visit yet you can jump right in through the portal inside the pumpkin’s mouth in the spooky Metropolis!

This week we’ve got some epic updates for you — lets jump in:

Physics — Asteroid field — Multi-speed fast lane — Cosmic Environment

Today, you have the opportunity to take a glimpse at the expansive Crescent Ring, a unique separate realm where players will have the ability to transition from one cluster to the next, all within a captivating low-gravity environment.

The adjusted physics grant you the extraordinary ability to move with increased swiftness and leap to greater heights, all of which proves exceptionally advantageous when it comes to your exploration of the adjacent asteroid field, a place teeming with valuable loot waiting to be discovered. Furthermore, a multi-speed fast lane will be at your disposal, affording you the ability to travel the expansive distances of the ring at lightning speed.

Moreover, this stunning environment is a true sight to behold, filled with ethereal nebulas, stars, and planets that form the atmospheric backdrop of the crescent. So, look forward to not only immerse yourself in the new gameplay dynamics and mechanics but also take time to appreciate the visual spectacle of the cosmic stage set before you as you traverse the captivating Crescent Ring.

Now, bask in the glory in this awesome video showing some of the work required to bring this to life:

Realm Academy Ep. 17 — We’re On A Quest!

The last few weeks of ‘Buildcraft’ videos have been focussing on consolidating the knowledge that Arty has passed on over the last 16 episodes of Realm Academy and showing how to use these in practice in some super creative and awesome ways.

However since we’ve been making continuous updates and improvements to the tooling available its high time we jumped back into education mode so that you, the creators, can gain more skills and up your builder game even more.

This time we take you through the steps to create cool little mini-quests within your worlds, using multiple NPCs and giving quest targets such as bringing 10 skulls. Now bear in mind that this is an early feature so we arent yet supporting adding custom prizes for quests, however this will come in good time and for now this is still a lot cooler than what’s on offer in other game builders and metaverses!

You can expect a lot more advanced quest features to come soon, however for now it’s awesome to be able to guide players around your world and give them challenges and awesome characters to talk to!

Check out the tutorial here and remember to reach out in Discord of Telegram if you have any further questions or get stuck along the way when trying this:

We hope you found these updates informative and exciting. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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