Devlog #99 — The Crescent: Forcefields

3 min readNov 7


Welcome to the 99th edition of the Realm Devlog! 99 is a mighty number and we’re super proud to have been bringing high quality updates your way for such an extended period.

The team have been working solidly on bringing the best in metaverse functionality to you — our community of creators and players, and October’s rewards have been unlocked for all those grinding to get the max rewards!

For a more general update from the founders you can catch the fortnightly Founders AMA from Wednesday here!

Now, lets get stuck into the dev:

The Crescent: Forcefields

We’ve noticed a lot of aspiring game devs have been following along with our more technical behind the scenes videos so this week we’re bringing you an in depth view of creating a forcefield transportation system using Godot’s awesome visual shader systems. It’s super inspiring to see the artistry of the dev team here at Realm, and fascinating to see the process of creating stunning visual effects from fairly modest beginnings —great game development isn’t always about crazy numbers of polygons or ray tracing and particle effects — as this video demonstrates!

Check out this process video and read on for the details below:

Advanced Transport Physics

We are making steady progress in shaping the Crescent Ring and incorporating low-poly placeholders for the other key zones within the Metropolis. While we’ve shown you the multi-speed transport ring for seamless travel between crescent realms in a previous Devlog and we’re now introducing an additional transportation axis, destined to catapult players to the courts nestled in the inner districts and eventually to the outer belts. This new feature will deliver an experience akin to the jumping and speed pads we’ve created for Hovr, but on a cosmic scale.

Visual Shaders

Beyond establishing the physics necessary for player acceleration, it’s imperative that we create a fitting visual effect to signify the transition between realms. So today, we invite you to join us on a time-lapse journey to show you the the potent capabilities residing within Godot’s visual shader system, to create mesmerizing and immersive force field effects that truly infuse vitality into our realms.

In this start to finish walkthrough, we will navigate through the intricacies of manipulating an array of noise textures, gradients and alpha masks. The secret to these kind of amazing effects lies in the layering of elements using a bit of vector math magic. But our journey doesn’t end there because by hooking up the time node to the UV coordinates of a texture, we can breathe life into it, resulting fluid, captivating motion, setting the stage for visual spectacles as shown in the clip.

Patience is Key

At times, achieving the desired effect can be a time-consuming endeavour, as we strive to find the sweet spot between visual spectacle and ensuring that it doesn’t overly tax mobile processors. Nevertheless, we believe it’s a worthwhile pursuit. When combined with tuned physics and a customized sound effect, it’s set to be an awesome feature. We can’t wait to see players catapult themselves into the virtual abyss.

Hopefully those amongst you looking to develop your own games have found this illuminating and can go forth to create your own epic shaders — as well as bringing your talents to building in the Realm ecosystem!

Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates from the Realm team!

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