DevLogs #12 Alpha Game Testing 2022

DevLogs #12: Realm Enters Alpha

We’ve Been Working Hard…

To our community: we thank you for your enthusiasm and patience while we work to create the Metaverse of our collective dreams. In addition to ongoing initiatives, including building out our marketing team, re-vamping our website, and re-working our whitepaper, we are proud to announce that Realm has officially transitioned from Pre-Alpha to Alpha — this is a huge milestone in the development of our play-to-earn metaverse. As you might recall from our recent testing updates, Pre-Alpha consisted of a small, internal team of testers who helped us test out the basic gameplay of Realm’s main features as our developers built them. Now that the core functionality is in place, and all of the easy bugs have been resolved, we are entering into a stage of more rigorous testing of the current build as you can see in the following video:

Realm Enters Alpha: Music by Lance Powlis


If you have been keeping up with our weekly DevLogs, then you know that the road to Alpha has been a long and exciting journey. During our Pre-Alpha phase, we allowed community members to register for eligibility as early game testers; we launched our app, tested it within our core team, and added the following features and more:

This was Pre-Alpha — building out all of the core features of Realm and merging the social app and the gaming world into one compiled app. The Realm metaverse is built on Godot, an open source game engine, and we are also providing users ways to earn income through playing the game. Our $REALM token is the currency of choice in the Realm metaverse, and its utility is limited only by the imaginations of the community of creatives building their microverses in Realm.

Alpha: Phase I

The following flowchart shows the set of features that we are testing presently. This is just the bare bones of our design for Realm, and you can see the existing complexity! The red section to the left is the Social platform built in React-Native; this includes profiles, messaging, NFT wallets, world selection, and more. The blue section to the right shows the virtual world built out in Godot; this is what people generally expect when they hear the word ‘Metaverse’ — an ever present set of virtual spaces that can be explored and engaged with. On this side, we are testing several features including but not limited to player controls, inventories, item drops, menus, portals, and chat systems.

Alpha testing flowchart

One of the design features that differentiates Realm from other products on the market is our seamless integration between the social platforms that consumers already use for an average of 2.5 hours per day with an immersive and engaging Metaverse platform. We believe that this design will empower us to drive rapid user adoption and retain those users on our platform with a high degree of active daily engagement. Within the Realm app, one can seamlessly shift from an intense gaming experience to casually scrolling through a newsfeed to see what your community is up to in the Metaverse. Similarly, one can quickly jump from a hyperlink in a social post right into the action or experience in the Metaverse!

Currently, we are on Phase I of Alpha testing: profession quality assurance testing. Phase I has two primary focuses: smoke testing and testing across devices.

Smoke Testing

For those unfamiliar with the term, smoke testing is basically making sure that the app is functional and runs without bugs, crashing, and other major, simple failures. We are focused on thorough smoke testing because we do not want our community to have the first run-through of the game. In fact, we want our community to have the best run. There are loads of unforeseen challenges in this phase that dedicated Alpha testers are helping us uncover, so by the time Realm is in your hands, your gameplay experience will be smooth and uninterrupted by technical mishaps.

Testing Across Devices

The second main focus of Phase I of Alpha is making sure that the Realm app is compatible across a wide range of handheld devices. Realm is inclusive by design — and it was built so that anyone with access to a smartphone has the ability to download our app and engage in the economy. Our vision of inclusivity will fail if the app is not compatible with different mobile devices, so this is an integral part of Alpha testing. This mobile-first design sits in stark contrast to the many Metaverse projects that are focused on VR headsets, or limited to desktop computers. With Realm, you can take the Metaverse on the go and use it to bridge the physical and digital world with our AR integrations. Our efforts are authentic and community-driven, and we can’t wait to put our product into your hands.

Rapid Iteration

In this first week of testing, we’ve already identified a number of bugs and edge cases that we will need to resolve. We will be addressing all of these issues in rapid succession and continuing to iterate on and refine our product. Addressing these edge cases is absolutely essential and also rather tedious and painstaking. We will be focusing intently on this process next week, and so we will not be publishing the usual Friday Dev Logs a week from today. We are confident in the lean and agile development methodologies that we implement and are excited to turn around the next iteration once it is ready for the community!

New Features

We will continue to integrate new features into the app throughout our Alpha phase. Many of these have been previewed before, so stay tuned for more!

Next Phases

Alpha is a multi-phase process, and before you know it, the Realm app will be in YOUR hands. In our next stages we will roll out the app to select members of our dedicated community, as well as strategic influencers who will create gameplay walkthroughs that will be used to market our app to the world and attract new users into our community. From there we will continue to slowly onboard individuals who have registered for Pre-Alpha over the next several months. Before you know it, we will launch the Beta version of our app, which will be the first public version of the Realm game.

Between now and Beta, we have a lot in store for our community — for example, rolling out our marketing campaign, launching our NFT marketplace, revealing the ecosystem of partners we’ve been cultivating and improving our token economy.

Nothing good comes over night. In fact, if it did we’d all be less intrigued with the process, the build, the fantasy, and the anticipation. Realm is a play-to-earn game with loads of treasures, NFT pets, coins, and adventure all packed inside the Realm Metaverse. We want you to to uncover all of the features that allow you to build the world of your dreams.

We want the world’s only mobile-first metaverse, where users can create personalized microverses, showcase their NFTs, and even sell entire microverses as NFTs, to be built with integrity. Here’s to Alpha!

Until next time,

We’ll see you in the Metaverse!

Realm Team

A high level view of Realm’s Metropolis

About Realm

Realm is a mobile-first, play-to-earn, social impact driven Metaverse that allows gamers, players and artists to create their own personalized NFT microverse. Creators can bring unique music, art, and games into their realms. Whole living worlds can be minted as an ERC-1155 NFT and traded on the OpenSea Marketplace. Alternatively, players can discover, trade, collect and view NFTs in the environments and experiences their creators imagined.

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