Introducing Realm Pre-Alpha

2 min readOct 21, 2021


Realm is happy to announce the start of our Pre-Alpha product release. This article will explain the process we are taking and how we are following our core pillar of building Realm with the community. We have 2 key aims of the Pre-Alpha phase: to find potential bugs and to ensure an enjoyable experience for all in preparation for our public launch.

The process we will be using is as follows. Once we get to stage 3 we will use the community feedback to make product updates then we will expand the number of Pre-Alpha testers and go through the process again.

Stage 1: Draft Pre Alpha testers

Stage 2: Test current version of the app

Stage 3: Get detailed feedback

How do I become a Tester?

We have developed a process for ranking and on-boarding members of our community into the Pre-Alpha. This process will be based on the type of mobile device you have, your level of gaming experience and your willingness to provide detailed feedback to the team. We will be providing token rewards for top quality feedback throughout the Pre-Alpha testing. The Pre-Alpha Registration form can be found here:

As with all good technology releases we are taking a staged approach, so we can spot and address potential issues without them affecting a large number of people. Our first priority is to have a wide range of devices in the Pre-Alpha. Our second priority is to ensure a fun and accessible user experience for all. Our third priority will be to ensure high performance as we scale the number of users in Realm.

In the early stages we will be focusing on testing core features of Realm, including:

  • User interface that scales appropriately across all devices
  • Ensuring textures are displaying correctly
  • Portrait/landscape player controls are user friendly
  • Collecting items and storing inventory
  • Viewing NFT art and linking to OpenSea
  • Rapid realm loading and smooth performance
  • Stress testing multiplayer servers

A core pillar of Realm is enabling people to create their own virtual spaces so we are super excited about beginning pre alpha and actively co-creating Realm with our community, effectively laying a foundation for open-source creative development moving forward. The engagement and feedback we receive at this stage will be critical to the development of a world class product and the long term success of Realm. Thank you for your participation, we are looking forward to seeing you in the Metaverse!

See Teaser Video: