Introducing: RealmStarter — $3m dollar Realm development fund

Realm — Metaverse as a Service

Application: How does it work?

  • The Idea — will the Realm be an enjoyable experience that adds value to the ecosystem.
  • The Brand — Like any startup, brand is important; has the visual look and feel been established in a way that is suitable for presentation to the community.
  • The Model — does the project have a viable business model, or will the experience alone be enough to warrant funding.
  • The Milestones — Are the proposed milestones achievable.
  • The Marketing — will the team be capable of marketing the project successfully. Is there already a social media presence.


Once your project has been successfully progressed to the initial stages of discovery we will meet with you over video chat and discuss the particulars of your application. Provided the key criteria are met then a significant amount of work will be devoted to analysing the key milestones that the project wishes to achieve.


Marketing is a key component of any successful project, and Realm will provide as much support as possible to ensure that the community knows about and can support your project. It is, however, important that the project also puts emphasis on gaining supporters independently, and indeed it is expected that many projects will already have a social media presence that they are working on growing. Having established channels in Discord, Twitter and Telegram proves market fit and helps a great deal with the review process.

  • Dedicated discord channel for direct communication with our community
  • An AMA in the Realm telegram channels
  • A live Twitter Spaces AMA
  • Regular tweets about progress
  • Re-sharing of original content
  • Demo videos of the Realm as it progresses
  • Mint & sell Builder Passes where stakers can get early access to the Realm.


When your realm is launching all RealmStarter projects will be gifted 1 month’s free rent from a Tier 1 portal to drive footfall, there are only 16 tier 1 portals at the very centre of our Metaverse. The first 50 teams will receive free land in the Metropolis in any of the purchasable tiers with current value up to $50k per land parcel, thereafter RealmStarter Projects will receive a discounted rate on Metropolis Land.

What we’re looking for

Realm is all about inclusivity and we get super excited thinking about all the awesome things that we can help people build in the metaverse. If you think you have an idea then don’t hesitate to apply here — there are no rules or wrong answers in Realm!

  • Social Impact focussed Realms
  • Utility NFT projects
  • Interactive exhibitions
  • Events spaces
  • Immersive storytelling
  • Metaverse eCommerce
  • Educational spaces



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