Land Minting is Live!

2 min readJul 20, 2022


The long awaited redemption of land parcels purchased via previous sales on the Ethereum and BSC chains is live!

You can now swap your Portal Mining Tickets for your Polygon Land NFT here.

View the full guide on how to do this here:

How to locate my parcel in the Metropolis?

For those of you who are lucky enough to own land already, here is the guide to locating your parcel in the Metropolis map.

View a zoomable version here

View Zoomable Version:

When you mint your land parcel, you can view it on OpenSea under the following collection:, or in your profile on OpenSea.

OpenSea NFT View

From here you can view the details of your parcel:

  • District (Ecru)
  • Ring (Crescent)
  • Cluster (Cluster 1)
  • Portal (Portal Number 6)

Taking this information, we can see that this land parcel is located inside the Ecru District (District I), in the Crescent Ring, Cluster 1, Portal 6. We’ve circled the portal below:

The expansion of the Metropolis

Many of you will be wondering when the outer rings of the Metropolis will be accessible to players of the Beta. Fear not! We are working hard on opening up these regions for all players. It will take an enourmous amount of energy from the Singularity to manifest the outer rings and power the hypertrains that transport players between them however, and every singularity shard deposited into the deposit stations contributes to that energy. At the current rate, the Crescents will be opened in August and the Belts in September.

In the meantime, landowners are encouraged to download the Realm Builder Tools Alpha, which will be publically available this Friday! You can already start to build your Realm experience and even publish it to the beta app for all to play.

We’re super excited to welcome you all to claim your NFTs and become a part of this important milestone in the history of the Realm Metaverse.




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