Our First Investment Round Closes at $2.25M

2 min readMay 27, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that earlier last week we closed our first investment round at $2.25M. The round was led by Alphabit with strategic investments from NGC, Genesis Block Ventures, LD Capital, Moonrock, and SL2 among others.

“Alphabit has made a seed stage investment in this innovative NFT project, which marries AR and VR to really bring to life the digital collectible world. It really captures the imagination of what the future could look like, forging a path in the new metaverse,” said Liam Robertson, CEO of Alphabit.

We plan to use the investment to grow our team, accelerate development of the simple creator tools that democratise creation, and build a wide range of smart objects for artists to use to express themselves in virtual spaces.

“We’ve been working on how the metaverse will blur the lines between digital and virtual realities for six months. We’re excited to have some world class investors on board who align with our vision of making everybody the master of their own realm,” said Matthew Larby, our Founder and CEO.

Realm creators will be able to use the platform in a series of different mediums including utilizing the AR functionality on a phone to enter their microverse through “magic window” AR technology that has been built by the Realm team.

Early access starts next month! Sign up now realm.art.

About Realm
Realm is a community driven open-source project to create personalised metaverses. Realm allows creators to combine music, art, and games to create the perfect realm and mint it as an ERC-1155. Discover art galleries in space to underwater auctions through augmented reality portals, and collect pets with cross-chain genetics.

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