Partnership Announcement: Realm x Pluto Alliance’s BitBoy Crypto Project

We’re heading to Pluto with the help of the BitBoy Crypto team. Pluto Alliance is coming to the Realm Metaverse.

Meet Pluto Alliance

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Realm x Pluto Alliance

From an NFT giveaway to an avatar, special Pluto Alliance pet, and a realm — it’s the full NFT Metaverse experience from the Sun to Pluto!

The Four Levels of The Partnership

We’re working on a series of pets for the Realm Metaverse, including our own Realmies. What would you like the Pluto Alliance Galactic Pets to do in Realm?
This is an example realm we made for Para//e. We’re going to be coming to you to get ideas for the Pluto Alliance BitBoy Crypto Realm.

Today and The Future

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Cross-chain metaverse & living NFT creatures