Partnership Announcement: Realm x Pluto Alliance’s BitBoy Crypto Project

4 min readSep 29, 2021


We’re heading to Pluto with the help of the BitBoy Crypto team. Pluto Alliance is coming to the Realm Metaverse.

The latest addition to the Realm Metaverse is going to take you to the crypto galactic. The Realm x Pluto Alliance is a long-game partnership that will have four levels of fun revealed over the coming weeks, including leading up to and after Realm’s launch. Get in on the first level with our Realm x Pluto Alliance NFT Giveaway. Read below to find out all the levels!

Meet Pluto Alliance

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Pluto Alliance is a galactic NFT project with alien NFTs that you can buy and trade. The well-known BitBoy Crypto, who has around five million followers across multiple social media channels, is one of the project’s main contributors. Read Pluto Alliance’s Story.

Realm x Pluto Alliance

From an NFT giveaway to an avatar, special Pluto Alliance pet, and a realm — it’s the full NFT Metaverse experience from the Sun to Pluto!

We want to make the Realm Metaverse as fun as possible. We’re continuing to build relationships with big players, especially NFT players, to make avatars and in-game items available for you to play with when Realm is launched.

With Pluto Alliance, you’re going to have four levels of fun where you’ll be able to experience Pluto Alliance like you’ve never experienced them before: fully immersed and engaged in the Metaverse.

The Four Levels of The Partnership

The four exciting levels will be released as we get closer to the launch of Realm. Here’s what we’re thinking:

Level 1: Giveaway of 10 Pluto Alliance NFTs
Starting today, we’ll be giving away 10 Pluto Alliance NFTs with $1,000 worth of $REALM* attached to each one. Sign up for the NFT giveaway now! Ends October 6, 2021 at 11:59 PM UTC. *$1000 of $REALM at the price on October 6th, 2021, 12pm UTC.

Level 2: The BitBoy Crypto Avatar
We’re working with Pluto Alliance to create a BitBoy Crypto avatar that you’ll be able to play with inside the Realm Metaverse. This avatar might give you special super powers inside Realm or do something wild when exploring. Stay tuned for the full details.

Level 3: Pluto Alliance Galactic Pets
We’ll be creating a series of Pluto Alliance Galactic Pets. We’ve got some ideas percolating on who these pets will be and what they’ll do. Maybe they’ll have crazy hats that give off a rare space glow or maybe special space Pluto Alliance glasses that give the pets a super power. Hmm….

We’re working on a series of pets for the Realm Metaverse, including our own Realmies. What would you like the Pluto Alliance Galactic Pets to do in Realm?

Level 4: The Pluto Alliance BitBoy Crypto Realm
For the final level, we’ll be building a Pluto Alliance BitBoy Crypto realm that you’ll be able to play in and explore. Could it be a galactic adventure with floating crypto planets and surfing aliens, or how about a twisted and turned colourful alien’s chillznest with funky beats? We’ve got some ideas up our sleeves. But how about you: what type of realm would you like us to build for Pluto Alliance?

This is an example realm we made for Para//e. We’re going to be coming to you to get ideas for the Pluto Alliance BitBoy Crypto Realm.

If you achieve all four levels of this partnership, you’ll be a Pluto Alliance Realm Metaverse master! How will your mastery work inside Realm? More will be revealed.

Today and The Future

Our partnership with Pluto Alliance is a long-game. We’ll be releasing more details about the levels as they roll out. Today, you can enter into the Pluto Alliance NFT giveaway. Next, we’ll be dropping the avatar’s details. Don’t go too far, we wouldn’t want you to miss this amazing Metaverse opportunity!

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