Realm 2021 Year In Review 2021 Year In Review

2021: The year of the NFT

Beeple’s iconic first 5000 days, the third most expensive piece of artwork in the world

Founding Realm

Realm’s co-founders, Matthew Larby, CEO [Left], Milan Gruner, CTO, [Mid], Joban Thomas, CPO [Right].

Raising Funds

Designing Realm

A screen capture from a Realm engineer building a world in Godot
Two Realmies in front of the Temple of Doge (Left) and the Last Tree (Right)


A Plaza Portal in Realm’s Metropolis
A Pesky Pirate in Kid Eight’s EVOLverse [Left] A view of the Temple of Doge [Right]

Building Community

A ski-masked Cherub in KidEights EVOLverse [Left] Realm Uniphoenix [Right]
Perspectives of the Metropolis
Finding Treasures in Realm [Left] Race Tracks in Realm [Right]

The $REALM Token

The Realm Token Launch

Crypto Investing 2021

Year-to-Date (YTD) Returns of select cryptocurrencies in 2021 [Source]
Realm’s Teaser App

Developing the Metaverse

Metaverse Real Estate

Views of the Singularity at the Center of Realm’s Metropolis
The four tiers of Land in Realm

Live Events

Screenshot of Realm’s Mobile Metaverse at NearCon 2021
Matthew Larby, CEO & Founder of Realm w/ Joe Vz CEO & Founder of Lunarcrush [Left] Joban Thomas, CPO & Founder of Realm speaking with TJ Kawamura, Founder of Realm Republic, and others [Right]
Sir Lewis Hamilton Cover, won by Matthew Larby [Left] Matthew Larby representing the Metaverse at Forbe’s Crypto and Art Gala [Right]
An Aerial View of Realm’s Metropolis

About Realm



Cross-chain metaverse & living NFT creatures

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