Matthew Larby, CEO and Founder of Realm, speaking at The First Annual Forbes Monaco Crypto & Art Gala.

Realm at Forbes Monaco Crypto Gala

Invitation to the VIP Party (Left) hosted by Realm and CrownSterling and the Gala (Right) Hosted by Forbes Monaco

The historical Monaco Yacht Club was filled with influential and accomplished individuals, including many of Crypto’s finest, who were invited to speak on a panel following the art auction. The panelists included Matthew, “The Metaverse”, Larby, founder of Realm, Danish Chaudry, Founder and CEO of (Formerly, Frédéric Chesnais, former CEO and principal shareholder Atari, Joe Vezzani, Founder and CEO of LunarCRUSH, Thomas Nägele, Founder of Nägele Law, Robert Grant, CEO of Crownsterling, Daniel Gouldman, founder of, and David Iakobachvili, a local Billionaire and founder of the Collection.

Panelists at the Forbes Monaco Panel

At the gala, Realm acquired two of Forbes’s most exciting and diverse covers. Larby’s instincts to acquire these covers demonstrate his recognition of both the aspirational nature of the humans represented on those covers, and his vision for how their stories can play a role in the Metaverse. The the two men on the Forbes Covers are from very different walks of life, and both of their stories have impacted the world significantly.

The Forbes Cover NFT of Lewis Hamilton acquired by Realm

Larby bid first and acquired the covers featuring Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, The British racing Driver who himself is a rebel with a cause, and David Iakobachvili, who is based in Monaco and founded the Collection, one of the most extensive collections of rare and unique artwork, antique music boxes and valuable collectibles on the planet. David is also Co-Chair of B20 Employment & Education Task Force & Chairman of the RSPP Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. Realm is currently exploring working with David to bring his art into the Metaverse and create a one of a kind collection of NFTs.

Matthew Larby and David Iakobachvili shaking hands at the Monaco Yacht Club after David signed the Forbes Cover that Matthew purchased for Realm.

Realm will continue to push philanthropy and grow Art with a purpose.
The socially conscious decision of Larby to make the first bid of the night on two Covers was genius in a room filled with Cryptos finest. During his speech, Matthew spoke with passion and educated a unique audience of sophisticated art lovers. The diverse evening was held at the historical Monaco Yacht Club.

As our followers know, sustainability is at the heart of Realm we will continue to engage the future with conscientiousness. Realm is in it for the long game and is committed to social impact, sustainability, and carbon neutrality. The Forbes covers are also NFT’s which will be brought into Realm’s Metaverse Galleries, and events will be produced encompassing these two Giants, furthering their stories and philanthropic causes while actualizing Realm’s positive ambitions.

From Coast To Coast & City To City Realm is growing expeditiously.

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Joe Vezzani, Founder and CEO of LunarCRUSH (Left) Frédéric Chesnais, former CEO and principal shareholder Atari (Right)
Danish Chaudry, Founder and CEO of (Left), and Daniel Gouldman, founder of (right)
David Iakobachvili, founder of Collection (left), and Robert Grant, CEO of Crownsterling with Dustin Plantholt, CEO and founder of Life’s Tough Media (Right).

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