Realm Brings Mobile Metaverse to NearCon in Partnership with DevCo

2 min readOct 29, 2021


Screenshot of Realm’s Mobile Metaverse at NearCon 2021

This week at NearCon Alpha, Realm hosted a mobile metaverse experience in partnership with DevCo. This event is NEAR Protocol’s inaugural celebration, marking the one year anniversary since their mainnet launch.

Our app enabled attendees at the event to explore several Realms, linked by portals, where 3D artwork from the conference sponsors were on display. We also demonstrated our loot drop features, releasing Near Tokens throughout the Realms for players to find and collect. It was great to see attendees earning fungible resources just by playing our game!

Footage of Realm CPO Joban Thomas exploring the NearCon Mobile Metaverse. Footage captured by IG @blockchainbroker of DevCo

Loot boxes in Realm will be filled with tokens, NFTs, in-game items, and other valuables and collectibles. As an open source platform, we will enable Realm builders to fill their chests with any valuables that they choose, rewarding their users as they see fit.

This private launch of our platform marks a huge milestone for Realm, as we continue to roll out features and functionality to our community. As many of you know we recently opened signups for our Pre-Alpha product, you can sign up here to get involved.

Meta-ception: attendees at NearCon enjoying the Metaverse

Live events are an important part of Realm’s roadmap, and many are saying that The Future Of Live Events Begins In The Metaverse. As the world’s only mobile-first metaverse, we are excited to make conferences, concerts and other live events more accessible to humans around the world through their mobile phones. We’ve got more events planned for the rest of 2021, so stay tuned for updates!

In the future, we will be using our NFTix platform to offer access to events in the form of NFTs which will be embedded with custom artwork and have added utility and value beyond simply attending the event. We will also be incorporating Realm’s AR functionality in these live events to give our users a unique experience.

Thank you to Near for hosting this event and to all the sponsors and attendees! We had a blast, and we’ll see you next time!