Realm DevLog #1: Get Dem’ Coins, NFT Galleries, And AI Guidance

3 min readAug 27, 2021


Let’s be on this journey together. Starting today, we’re going to do our best to share weekly snippets of Realm development updates with you. We want you to see how the platform is evolving and be part of the creation process with us!

#1 — Players and Objects: Get Dem’ Coins!

Realms need to feel alive. To give life, everything inside the realms — from complex entities like players to simple ones like doors — must be synced between all users to not break the experience.

How it’s Being Built

Certain objects, like platforms and collectibles, depend on accurate timers or random seeds to execute their movements or respawns. We have created general-purpose server-side systems that allow for easily scriptable timed or respawnable objects to be authoritatively synced across all sessions.

Syncing the Experience for You

We have a networking system set up that allows us to easily extend any type of object with the necessary logic to efficiently sync their state, movement, appearance and behaviours. This means any type of newly created object can be quickly slotted into our multiplayer system.

#2 — Showcasing and Selling NFT Art

One of our missions is to ensure the NFT experience is truly immersive and engaging. To do this, we’ll be building a series of galleries, including custom microverses for NFT artists and others. The below is an example of one of the galleries we’ve been working on.

How it’s Being Built

Building a gallery for showcasing has special needs. First and foremost, the art needs to stand out while the space needs to be simple yet strong enough to hold on its own. As you can see this can be quite a challenge that goes from concepting to multiple iterations to engine testing and more iterations. After this journey is done, we can jump on to the next one.

What kind of spaces would you like to explore inside Realm next?

Connecting Artists and Players

We want to connect artists and players, and make sure they have the best experience possible. Our goal is to empower artists in the Metaverse by giving them special spaces to showcase their work. By creating a gallery with rotating artists, players will be able to discover new art upon every visit. We might even include special rewards. Stay close to find out.

#3—Moving Through Realms with AI: NPCs AI

Our AI is based on the behaviour tree model, and the intended AI will be able to wander around the realms and interact with objects, other NPCs, and players.

How it’s Being Built

NPCs intended behaviour is wandering around the realms and interacting with objects, other NPCs and the player. There are four orders which can be selected by the designer in a sequence of orders, or it can be selected randomly by an NPC:

  • Wait
  • Wander
  • Towards
  • Interact

Each order has its own data. Wander order has three different options:

  1. Select random point on a circle around the NPC and pathfinding by navmesh
  2. Select random point in specific area
  3. Walk on a waypoint which is created by the designer

AI to Guide Players Through Realms

NPCs will make the Realm environment feel more dynamic and allow players to interact with and be guided by AI in the worlds.

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Play-to-Earn in The Realm Metaverse

At the heart of Realm is a journey of discovery where players explore vast realms travelling through portals on the hunt for elusive artefacts. Break out of reality and step into the realms, and along the way you will discover rare NFTs and $REALM tokens. Learn more about how you can earn by playing.