Realm partners with Cosmic Faction bringing Pigeon Flight Club avatars to the Metaverse

3 min readOct 25, 2021


Realm is incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Cosmic Factions and the Pigeon Flight Club, true pioneers in the NFT space. Through our collaboration, we will be bringing the world never-before-seen utility for these world class NFT avatars in the Metaverse!

The following text is a repost, see the original article from our partners here:

🤝 Realm, an innovative P2E Metaverse and purveyor of virtual land, becomes CosmicFaction’s second ecosystem partner!

NFT Metaverse’s got you feeling overREALMed? Don’t fret, our latest partners can help with that!

CosmicFactions is setting out to expand our footprint in the Metaverse by collaborating with exceptional NFT talent and forging strategic alliances with Play-2-Earn architect-based platforms. We are happy to announce our long-term strategic partnership with Realm; to accelerate the integration of our factions into the Metaverse.

Realm is an NFT-based P2E Metaverse that allows gamers, players, and artists the ability to seamlessly create and personalize their own NFT microverse. Synergistically, Realm merges music, art, and games; giving its users an endless array of creative options.

Thanks to the ever-evolving ecosystem of Realm; NFT collectibles from the CosmicFactions series will now be able to transverse their cityscapes within the Metaverse. Additionally, owners of CosmicFactions NFTs will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive Metaverse social activities such as: scavenger hunts, tower raids, and compelling faction-led and individual head-to-head competitions.

Furthermore, our NFT collectibles will be virtually incubated within the Realm virtual Metaverse via a 3D generator. This 3D generated Realm version of your NFT will be pegged directly to its minted PFP NFT counterpart by either a charging mechanism or a simple verification process.

CosmicFaction’s co-founder, Vladan Falcic:

“Being able to offer our community members access to Realm’s robust ecosystem while utilizing their NFT avatar cross-platform is historic! Our partnership with Realm represents the first true cross-platform and cross-utility integration seen in the NFT space. We greatly look forward to navigating this new virtual frontier with the great innovators over at Realm”

Realm’s co-founder, Matthew Larby:

CosmicFaction has created a new wave of 3D NFTs with in-game utility that enable exclusive access to engaging virtual experiences. We can’t wait to add these avatars to Realm and to build out CosmicFaction’s unique microverse to demonstrate what these NFT avatars can do in a fully immersive P2E Metaverse.”

About CosmicFactions

The CosmicFactions series is an ever-expanding and immersive multi-community eco-verse, that houses an endless number of factions. Each one is linked to a particular crypto project with its own PFP NFT collection. Every avatar from their respective collection will offer unique traits, which are randomly generated at the time of minting. Neither the artist nor the buyer knows exactly what the composition of each avatar will be.

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About Realm

Realm is a community-driven and open-sourced project to create personalized Metaverses. Realm allows creators to combine music, art, and games to create the perfect Realm and mint it as an ERC-1155. Discover art galleries in space to underwater auctions through augmented reality portals and collect pets with cross-chain genetics.

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