Realm x BlockchainSpace: Gamer Guilds in the Metaverse

Realm is excited to announce that we are partnering with BlockchainSpace, and we will support them with the development of their own custom realm within our broader metaverse!

BlockchainSpace is a hub that enables P2E gamers and guilds to scale in the metaverse. Their goal is to give gamers the tools, networking opportunities, and financial solutions they need to be successful entrepreneurs. BlockchainSpace also runs educational programs that identify economic opportunities for gamers and help them develop the skills and tools to thrive in the P2E space. One of the key aims of BlockchainSpace is to save guild operators the time it would take to acquire all of this knowledge on their own, and instead they can focus on scaling their guilds.

Realm is a mobile-first, Play-to-Own, sustainable metaverse with a large and growing community of dedicated gamers, and we are looking forward to this mutually beneficial partnership that will help gamers all over the world uncover new opportunities. By bringing BlockchainSpace into our metaverse, we are also helping our future users get direct access to P2E gamer guilds and services that they might not have otherwise encountered.

BlockchainSpace has acquired a Court in the Realm metaverse, and this is where they will build their virtual hub. Their microverse will include Guild Leaderboards highlights of special promotions, unique visualizations of BlockchainSpace’s analytics, and special advertisements of their products and services. Of course it will also be a place for gamers and guilds to gather, compete, and collaborate! Within their microverse and the broader Realm metaverse, there will also be plenty of mini-games, co-branded NFTs, and other value offerings for both of our communities. BlockchainSpace already has a reach of over 2 million gamers across the globe, and we are so excited to bring these people into the Realm metaverse for a chance to play and earn. In the future BlockchainSpace’s guilds will be able to compete for land in the Realm metaverse. Realm will also be offering BlockchainSpace’s services (which include analytics, data feeds, financial solutions, and more) to our community.

Realm is a Play-to-Earn metaverse, but our ethos goes much further than the basic P2E mechanics. We prefer the term Play-to-Own, which more accurately emphasizes the ownership and agency that our players will have. Beyond simply earning $REALM tokens in the metaverse, our community members will directly own their own realms, assets, avatars, and other items as NFTs that they can then sell or trade on our public marketplace. Both Realm and BlockchainSpace realize the importance of empowering gamers to give them better financial opportunities and to enhance the world of P2E gaming! We look forward to welcoming the 23,000 guilds and 2 million gamers under BlockchainSpace, and we cannot wait to unlock the full potential of this community.

About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace (BSPC) enables play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse. We build tools to empower gaming communities and manage scholarship programs. We identify economic opportunities in games and connect guilds with gamers, game titles, and investors.

We are empowering the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential, scalable infrastructure, digital tools, financing solutions, and networking opportunities.

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REALM is a mobile-first, Play2Own, impact-driven metaverse with the Beta app launching June 21st 2022 on iOS and Android. With its mission to empower everyone to thrive from metaverse experiences and create positive impact in the real world, REALM donates 1/3 of its revenues to sustainability projects.

REALM users are rewarded as they engage with the platform: 1/3 of the revenues go to the token staking community. The native REALM builder tools allow anyone, with no coding experience, to build personalised microverses, tell their story, and trade NTFs on the REALM Marketplace. Creators and brands can bring to life unique music, art, games, and anything else they can imagine into their realms.

REALM — Create your dreaM world, impact the REAL world

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