Realm x Brokoli Arbour Day Staking Pools


Earth Day, Arbour Day, 4/20, the grand opening of Brokoli’s Green NFT store… This April really is all about everything GREEN! Depending where you are in the world, you are no doubt starting to notice Spring growing around you… and maybe (hopefully!) you are asking yourself what you can do to give back to the planet that nourishes you. But if you’re a part of the Realm and Brokoli communities, you know that giving back to the planet can be so much more than just recycling or saying “no thank you” to a plastic straw at a coffee shop. You know that giving back to the planet can be something exciting, rewarding, fulfilling, and… fun!

NFTrees from seed to tree


  • Today we opened a staking pool for $REALM.
  • $REALM token holders can stake tokens to receive limited edition Realm x Brokoli NFTrees (tree NFTS) powered by Carico.
  • You must stake at least 900 $REALM to be eligible, staking pool can be found on Unicrypt at:
  • There will be 3 tiers of Trees: the longer you stake, the higher the tier of NFT that you will receive.
  • Tier 3: Sapling NFTree. You stake for 10–29 days, and 1 tree will be planted on your behalf.
  • Tier 2: Young NFTree. You stake for 30–59 days, and 5 trees will be planted on your behalf.
  • Tier 1: Mature (Fruit Bearing) NFTree. You stake for 60 days or more, and 20 trees will be planted on your behalf. The fruit from these mature trees will give you an extra boost as compared to their younger counterparts.
  • There are a LIMITED number of these NFTrees, only 1,600, and thus a limited number of people who can enter the pool.
  • Your Coffee NFTrees will be plantable in the metaverse inside Brokoli’s realm!
  • Fruit from these Coffee Trees will boost your avatar’s speed for a short duration in Realm! How’s that for utility?
  • On July 4th, 2022, we will take a snapshot of the staking contract and airdrop NFTs to all the participants according to their earned level of rewards!
  • We aim to plant 33,333 Trees through this program, and many more in the future!

Stake Safely

When engaging with any smart contract online, it is important to revoke the permissions you grant through Metamask or Trustbrowser for an extra layer of security. This will protect you in the extremely unlikely scenario of a hack. There are several ways to revoke your permissions, including interacting directly with the contract, or using a tool such as

Our Partners

Mangrove Restoration by Eden Reforestation

About Eden Reforestation

Eden Reforestation works with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, thereby creating jobs, protecting ecosystems, and helping mitigate climate change.

About Harlem Grown

Harlem Grown works to inspire youth to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition in the heart of NYC.

About Carico

Carico is a coffee company based out of the Mount Elgon region of Uganda — home to one of the rarest and most precious ecosystems on the planet. This region contains 142 species on the The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN), including 5% of the worlds endangered mountain Gorillas. Carico supports cooperatives of small holder farmers to sustain and regenerate these essential ecosystems through the global distribution of the specialty coffee beans grown holistically in this rare environment.

About Brokoli Network

Brokoli is an impact-to-earn NFT metaverse where climate impact makes you money.

About Realm

Realm is an NFT play-to-earn Metaverse that allows gamers, players, and artists to create their own personalized NFT microverse. Creators can combine music, art, and games into their realms. Whole living worlds can be minted as an ERC-1155 NFT and traded on the OpenSea Marketplace. Alternatively, players can discover, trade, collect and view NFTs in the environments and experiences their creators imagined.



Cross-chain metaverse & living NFT creatures

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