Realm x KidEight: A Wild Ride With The World’s First Fully Interactive NFT

4 min readJul 7, 2021
EVOL Slidin’ NFT

EVOL, the blockchains anti-hero has been sent to challenge and entertain. Now fans of digital art can battle, race and interact with the work of NFTs’ rising star in the Realm Metaverse. There will be NFTs to win and cars to joyride.

Empowering NFT creators is just the start. We’re stepping up our ambition to change how NFTs are experienced through an exciting collaboration with acclaimed digital artist KidEight.

Meet KidEight

KidEight is a digital artist with a finely honed sense of the absurd and ridiculously fruitful imagination. Fusing street art, striking graphics, saturated colour schemes and a ridiculously fruitful imagination, is best known for EVOL, a no-holds barred gangster baby tearing up Rarible, #cryptoart and Twitter. Having already worked with Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Sony Records & UMG, KidEight is no stranger to the wild world of entertainment and art.

“EVOL — Don’t Care” and “Heavy Is the Head” from KidEight’s Instagram

Realm x KidEight: Breaking New Territory

KidEight’s EVOL Slidin’ NFT will be the first NFT in the world to have been turned into a fully interactive Realm called EVOLverse. Now NFT collectors, creators, gamers and fans will be able to interact with EVOL using Realm. And by interact we mean: get in an NFT car and race EVOL around Realm.

“I am over the moon that Realm has decided to risk all their future chances of success by partnering with me. Bringing EVOL to the Metaverse is something I’ve been trying to do for a while but kept failing due to my attention span and basic lack of knowledge. Having a team of dedicated nerds here to facilitate that dream is really amazing. A cherub wearing a ski mask has been desperately missing from the universe and I couldn’t be happier that realm have stepped up to deliver. This is the start of something great!”— KidEight

“Realm is out of this world happy to be collaborating with pioneering creator KidEight to bring his unique EVOL character and art to life inside Realm. We can’t think of anyone better suited than KidEight to show the world what the future of art and NFTs look like.” — Joban Thomas, founder and CPO of Realm

Peek at the EVOLverse

That’s right, you’ll be able to race, fight, power-slide, drift and battle your way to victory and players will be awarded NFT rewards, in-game token $REALM and a whole host of other surprises and prizes. More pictures, videos, and demos to be shared of EVOL Slidin’.

If gamers are no match for the driving prowess of EVOL (we’ve seen this baby drive!) and his turbo-charged buggy, Realm users will have another way to get their hands on juicy NFT art.

Other NFTs are being considered available for purchase such as cosmetic items, masks, and game accessories. However, the biggest clamour will be for a rare Realm EVOL character, designed by KidEight himself, which the lucky owner can use to customize their own personal microverse in Realm.

And whisper this: EVOL’s very own buggy might be up for sale as an NFT too!

Prototype of Realm Gallery

Realm x Creator Collaborations

The collaboration will give a public, clamouring to see the power of Realm, the first taste of what this mixed reality NFT platform is all about. It will be an immersive journey to the heart of the Realm Metaverse; an exploration of living NFTs and an interactive exhibition of what happens when AR, VR and technological architecture meet the creative imagination of one of the spaces’ most dynamic artistic talents.

Realm’s infrastructure is simple and designed with both new creators and gamers and more experienced developers and programmers in mind. To that end, anyone can build their own mixed reality realm. Players can combine art, music, games and 3D pets and mint the whole realm as an ERC-1155 NFT.

Collaboration within Realm is simple and teams of creators can automatically split royalty rights using pre-designed contracts.

Any artist, gamer, collector or journalist with an interest in NFTs, the Metaverse, AR, VR or technology should get ready for Realm, and to check out this ground-breaking collaboration.

Want more KidEight? Visit his site and follow him on Instagram and Twitter, and buy his NFTs on Rarible. Want more D’EVOL NFTs? Get them here.

Realm is expected to launch late July 2021. For now, join us on Twitter and Telegram for updates and drops, and read our white paper to find out more.