Realm x OMMG: The OMMG “Louvre” Becomes (Virtual) Reality in the REALM Metaverse

5 min readMar 16, 2022


About the Partnership

OMMG is happy to partner with Realm and to build their very first exhibition hall in the Metaverse.

OMMG is a launchpad that allows IRL artists to enter the metaverse, and it sends digital artworks back to real life with an interactive, illuminated, 3D-enabled art frame: the Nifty Eyes. This is the OMMG Cycle. Now OMMG is looking to create a virtual exhibition hall, the OMMG “Louvre”.

OMMG’s “Louvre” will be built in Realm, a mobile-first, play-to-earn metaverse with a social impact. Realm was built as a mobile-first metaverse to cater to the broad population of smartphone users, putting them in stark contrast to the VR-based metaverse projects that focus only on a niche group. Sustainability is also at the core of Realm’s metaverse model; they aim to create a better world by leveraging engagement in the digital economy to drive real world projects that directly benefit humanity and the planet.

The exhibition hall in Realm will be a place to experience the artworks of all artists launching on OMMG’s platform, and since Realm is a mobile-first, AR-based metaverse, you will have access to OMMG’s Louvre from the ease of your mobile phone whenever you want to enter the gallery.

OMMG’s Meta-Architect is currently designing the first drafts for an iconic virtual building that is recognisable, beautiful, and an appropriate place to exhibit all the upcoming artists launching on OMMG in Realm.

What is the idea behind the OMMG “Louvre” in the Metaverse?

The exhibition hall will be a place to meet other people interested in art. You can see the newest exhibitions, talk to other people with the same interests, talk to the artists, or just relax in the beautiful space. The OMMG Louvre will be the best place to meet your friends virtually and engage in the digital art world. In addition to the ongoing exhibitions, there will be special events (both exclusive and open to the public) in the exhibition hall.

There will also be exclusive live auctions, AMAs, soirees, and meet-and-greets in the OMMG Louvre where individuals can interact directly with the artists and ask them questions or purchase their artwork. Realm’s integrated chat systems and AR technology will allow for easy communication in the OMMG Louvre. At first, OMMG will make use of external marketplaces like OpenSea, but as soon as Realm offers a marketplace OMMG will switch over to the Realm platform for all artwork purchases.

OMMG’s Louvre will be a home for people in search of a connection with others interested in digital and IRL art.

A sneak peak of what the inside of the OMMG Louvre could look like

How does the OMMG Louvre work?

The Old Master Meme Gallery has planned to launch 4–6 artists each year on the OMMG platform. For each of these artists, OMMG will build a gallery in the Realm metaverse. In the beginning, the exhibition hall will be small, but over time it will grow to encompass galleries of all sizes that exhibit the works of a wide range of artists.

Why will the OMMG be in the Realm metaverse?

The Realm metaverse is the perfect environment for OMMG’s Louvre because of the customisable builder’s tools, their metaverse model that uses portals as a transport system, and their focus on promoting the arts and empowering individual creation in the metaverse.

Realm is currently in the Alpha stage of testing its mobile-first metaverse, and OMMG is excited to build this partnership as both companies embark on similar stages of their journeys.

This partnership will strengthen both the OMMG and Realm communities because OMMG can offer Realm access to the exclusive art collector niche of the NFT community, and Realm can offer OMMG a beautiful, customisable, and interactive social metaverse to build their Louvre.

This is an early draft of what the architecture of the museum will look like

What is planned for our partnership in the future?

As the exhibition hall is developed, more and more artists will launch their exhibitions and enter the OMMG Louvre. OMMG will connect the Realm ecosystem to the Louvre exhibition hall and make use of the Realm marketplace to sell all exhibited artworks.

The $REALM token will also be used to purchase exhibited artworks and will add more value to the exhibitions and Realm ecosystem itself. Over time our symbiotic partnership will provide both OMMG and Realm with stronger communities, and we will continue to grow together.

About OMMG

OMMG is the launchpad for IRL artists. We wanted to find a way for NFT holders to display their NFT’s and for galleries to do the same with fully interactive 3D abilities. We developed the Nifty Eyes hardware product, that allows NFT holders, museums and galleries to do exactly that. A product that will display your NFT in 3D and allow some kind of interaction. Our aim is to help artists join the blockchain space utilising our code for free, then exhibit the upcoming artwork in our Metaverse Galleries and eventually sell our hardware to IRL galleries and museums all around the world, add NFTs to our NFT treasury and reward our holders. Twitter Discord YouTube Website

About Realm

Realm is a mobile-first, play-to-earn, social impact driven Metaverse that allows gamers, players and artists to create their own personalized NFT microverse. Creators can bring unique music, art, and games into their realms. Whole living worlds can be minted as an ERC-1155 NFT and traded on the OpenSea Marketplace. Alternatively, players and builders can discover, trade, collect and view NFTs in the environments and experiences their creations imagined. Find all of Realm’s social media and other information here.




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