Realm x Polychain Monsters: Top 10 Microverse Ideas By Tweeters

We want to know what you’re thinking — and what type of realms you want to create.

Below are the top 10 microverse ideas based on Tweeters who responded to Polychain Monsters’ tweet.

Would you play in these microverses?

#1. Capture and fight!

#2. NSFW

#3. CRO x Realm Pub

#4. Hello, Harry Potter? Are you there?

#5. Super power animals and rides on the Uniphoenix

#6. Mother Earth’s BFF

#7. The YUMMY realm

#8. Just everything, please

#9. Harry Potter is here for sure

#10. The Crypto CyberPunks Club

Don’t see your idea? Share it with us and Polychain Monsters on Twitter now!

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Cross-chain metaverse & living NFT creatures

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Cross-chain metaverse & living NFT creatures

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