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7 min readMay 31, 2023
Rewards Vault V2


Rewards V2 is a major upgrade to the pioneering Player Engagement Programme that has been live in the Realm platform since December 2022. The system rewards users for their engagement in the platform — a groundbreaking model that ensures that the valuable time our players spend on the platform is fairly rewarded!

Since we launched in December the complex system has undergone a number of tweaks — and even suffered a few outages (Sorry! Rest assured that your engagement during these times has been accounted for and handsomely rewarded…)

Since the launch of Rewards V1 players have earned a massive 18.6M $REALM, with the highest reward for one day being Mildo93 at 4075 $REALM!

This is proof of the lucrative nature of getting stuck in and putting in the effort — since every fraction of XP you earn above the average nets you more of the sweet sweet rewards pool!

All the while we’ve been refining the codebase and learning from V1. V2 therefore represents the culmination of a long period of iterative improvement and also a complete overhaul of several important aspects of how users earn on the platform.

Lets take a look at the changes and how the rewards programme works.

How does it work?

The rewards V2 weighting formula for awarding rewards each day looks like this:

At the end of each day, the values are calculated based on the performance of other players and weighted proportionately — averaging a reward of $1 for every qualifying user, meaning those that score the highest XP, have the maximum Vault amount and a lot of referrals will earn the most!

Let’s break down what you need to do to get to 100% and maximise your rewards:

Earn XP

At the core of the rewards system in XP — the fruits of a player spending time engaging across the platform. You can earn XP by completing your daily goals, racing in various gametypes, collecting items, watching asnd posting stories, and completing quests. You must get at least 500 XP per day to qualify for rewards, and rewards are counted up to a maximum of 150,000XP per day.

Crucially you don’t need to connect a wallet to start earning — but you will need to connect one to claim them on-chain!

Invite your friends

By getting your friends to join Realm and use your referral code you will receive additional XP every day they earn rewards — and not only that but if you race together you will earn more XP than racing alone!

The V2 UI shows your referrals in the Reward Center along with the XP they have earned that day, and now you can even use the ‘nudge’ button to ping them a push notification to come and play with you!

Store $REALM in your vault

Your vault sits at the centre of the engagement program. Here you can manage your rewards and view your stats. In order to get the most out of your playtime it’s important to store some $REALM in your vault.

We are increasing the threshold for your Vault to up to 250,000 $REALM from 100,00 in V1. Read below to see how to store, claim and withdraw!

How can I view my Rewards?

Keeping track of your rewards is super important. To help you keep track of this we’ve exposed this information in both the Vault website and inside the app.

Lets take a look at the app first:

Rewards In the App:

The app has a whole host of ways to keep track of your rewards, lets break it down:

Rewards Centre Page:

The rewards centre page gives you a lot of info on your progress for the day, including:

· Your progress through the Daily Goals

·How long you have left in the day to earn XP

· XP earned during the day

· XP earned from your referrals

· Total rewards earned all time

Check it out here:

Notice another super cool feature: Your daily rank is now shown in a more easily intelligible format, and when you reach the Top 50 players of the day your exact position is shown so you can battle for the number one spot!

Rewards History View:

The app also features interactive historical charts to keep track of your progress. Access these by tapping on the ‘XP’ area of the Reward Centre.

Check it out here:

Here you can find the following information:

Rewards Chart

The rewards chart shows your daily rewards earned in a neat graph that you can filter by day, week and month. Note that since rewards are calculated at the end of each day, you will always see the previous day and before on the chart since we don’t know the current day’s rewards until the end!

Engagement Chart

The Engagement chart displays the 3 key ingredients of your rewards in an easily comprehensible graph. The components are: My XP, Referral XP, and Vault Amount.

Notice that the scale is out of 100%, so you can easily keep track of the days in which you maximised your rewards and the days in which you didnt!

The Vault Webpages

Now lets take a look at how you can interact with the new V2 Vault to stake, claim and track your rewards.

First, it’s important to sign in to the Vault at the following URL:

Use the same credentials you sign into the Realm app with, and then hit ‘Connect’ to connect your web3 wallet. Make sure to connect the same wallet you’ve added to you account in the app!

Rewards V2 runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), so also ensure that your Metamask is set up and BSC is selected.

Now, we can begin interacting with the Vault.

First, lets take a look at the main functions of the Vault. The V2 vault is actually very simple, and provides a clear overview of your rewards. Lets break down the sections:

My Vault:

This shows the amounts you have stored in your Vault — unlocks have a 14 day cool off period after which point they will be claimable in ‘My Rewards’.

My Rewards:

This shows the amount of unlocked rewards you have available to claim — just press ‘Claim Rewards’ to claim.


This shows you month by month what you’ve earned and the dates on which unlock begins and the percentages that have unlocked to date.


Claims gives a full history of your claims, including removing from Vault and claiming rewards.

And thats it! We also show your total rewards earned all time, as well as the time played that day and the XP you’ve earned.

How can I claim?

We’ve reinvented the claims system from V1 to make it more streamlined and efficient for you all. In Rewards V1 you had a complex system of ‘claiming’ your rewards — first you had to hit the ‘Claim’ button, and your rewards then entered into a lengthy unlock period, at which point you had to go the ‘Withdrawals’ page and manually withdraw each time the unlock period had ended.

This is actually a common way of interacting with vault programs — but it sucks, and we’ve re-invented it to be way more user friendly.

The way it works now is you can see the rewards you have earned for each month, and this amount unlocks at a rate of 1/13 per month. The UI shows you how much of that month is unlocked, and this amount automatically becomes part of your claimable amount! All you have to do then is hit the claim function and all the unlocked rewards from each month will drop straight into your wallet — super nice!

How can I maximise my rewards?

The ways to maximise rewards are the same as in V1 — you can read the comprehensive guide on how to do that here:

Will my old vault and rewards carry over?

Yes! Your old vault amount and rewards that were earned during the long migration process have all been taken into account and applied retroactively to your rewards account!

When you login to the new vault you will see your stakes reflected as before, and any accrued rewards from the migration period will also be avaialable to claim according to the new unlock rules.

Have fun playing and earning in Realm, and stay tuned for more awesome updates!

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