Roadmap Update: Onwards & Upwards!

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First off we’d like to take the opportunity to welcome Realm community members new and old to this Roadmap update — we’re hugely appreciative of all of you for your passion and commitment to the project and this helps us to keep delivering the highest quality work to support our vision.

This roadmap update comes hot on the heels of Devlog 100 — a major milestone and one which we felt deserved taking the opportunity to take stock of the project’s progress up to this point, and to reformulate and reconfirm our direction for the next 6 months and beyond.

For those that want to skip directly to the new roadmap, you can do so here! Otherwise read on for an in-depth look at our reasoning and vision.

You can check out the Centenary Edition Devlog here:

The Outlook

As you are probably aware the bear market hit GameFi projects particularly hard and a large number of initially well funded projects folded during those dark months. Not only that, but public sentiment waned and the number of active players in the space plummeted.

These were bleak and challenging times for sure, but at Realm we maintained a belief that there would be light at the end of the tunnel, and following some necessary restructuring continued to work diligently to bring the product to a production ready stage when the next cycle commences. This included a huge amount of bug fixing and performance upgrades, as well as major improvements to the Rewards system and the builder tools. We have documented this work on a weekly basis in the Devlogs and we would encourage you to take a look back into the archives for more information on the great achievements that have been made.

First Mover Advantage

We are now seeing a more positive outlook emerging for not just the wider crypto market but for the GameFi space in particular. We believe that GameFi is in an interesting position when longer cycles are taken into consideration — because whilst brand new DeFi or simple protocol projects often rise to prominence in the new cycle at the expense of older projects, games products are very expensive and time consuming to make — making the barrier to entry and time to market for new projects extremely high. For example Roblox took 20 years to reach its current featureset and userbase — and we believe that as the first mobile game creation platform utilising blockchain technology we are in a very strong position going into the next cycle.

The Next 6 Months

As we look forwards and prepare for the next phase, we are excited to be focussing our efforts on the following core principles:


Generating revenue is at the core of creating a sustainable ecosystem. We will be focussing on both implementing features that take payment using the native token and on the fiat side with in-app purchases.

We will also be expanding and developing our Ad offering — with the launch of a proprietary system for selling ads on a B2B basis being a major milestone. We will be offering a unique set of inventory that has direct access to a particular vertical of people and we believe that this approach will yield good results.

Alongside this, land sales will take place both in native tokens and stablecoins, and will feature a number of additional benefits and incentives. The HOVR elite mint will take place, and the Dapp and in-app marketplaces will be stacked with new items and content for purchase!

Player & Creator Acquisition:

Gaining new players and builders is essential since these are the people who will drive revenues. Two different strategies will be employed:

- Players:

  • The rewards system is already active and we will be modifying the goals and achievements available to players.
  • New gametypes that we have yet to release suh as HOVR will be launching and will attract new players.
  • Quests with DeQuest and other partners will also be launched to expand the playerbase and provide more goals and content.

- Creators:

  • We will be launching long awaited creator competitions and eventually rewards systems which will provide creator incentives.
  • We have a large number of additional gamification features which will drastically increase the versatility of the builder.
  • Land utility will be increased. The Crescent and Belts will be opened to all holders, and rewards will be increased for those holding land parcels.


  • Each of these initiatives will be accompanied by high quality marketing content. We would appreciate all of your support in spreading this content.
  • We will be distributing marketing messages via our own channels (as well as leveraging TikTok, Instagram more than we have done in the past), and via respected channels and partners to achieve the most impact.
  • Partnerships with communities such as DeQuest will be leveraged for more exposure to high quality gaming communities.

The Roadmap

You can now view the updated roadmap on the following link we also discussed this extensively on todays AMA which you can listen to here:

Whilst any complex development efforts are subject to change in timelines we think that the structure of releases best matches the ethos and priorities we have defined above and serve as the best means to achieve our objectives.

As usual we will be making sure to keep this roadmap updated should circumstances change and also to continue to provide weekly Devlogs and bi-weekly AMAs where you, the community, can be heard and have an influence on the ecosystem we are essentially creating together.

Thank you once again for your support and we can’t wait to continue building and growing into the product we always knew Realm would be in the following 12 months.

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