Star YouTuber Crypto Gains Buys First Piece Of Land, BSC Is All Gone, And Who Bought The Courts? Highlights From Our Land Sale (So Far)

The Launch of The Land Sale

The First Land Purchase — Crypto YouTube Star Crypto Gains!

Crypto Gains said to us: “I think it’s great, I love Realm! It’s been a long time coming to find a project like this, and I can see the future. I know that virtual land is going to be a big thing in the future and people are going to want to grab as much land as they can.”

A Community Member and A Realm Admin!

Asking Stevn about buying land in the Realm Metropolis, he told us: “I participated in the IDO of Realm, and I am incredibly proud to be a member of this great community. I can call myself an early investor and see a bright future for the project.”

Asking Iain about joining us in the Metaverse, he said: “I think the Realm Metaverse gives us unlimited opportunities to create, play and earn, which is very exciting. I bought land because I want to be more invested in all the cool things Realm is doing, and feel part of it. Also, right now it’s very much equal opportunities out there and I love that, virtual real estate is the future!”

Mysterious Big Court Buyers—WHOA! Who Are You, and Can We Be Friends?

Mysterious Court buyers, thank you! What a thrill of excitement to see such interest in Realm. We are truly grateful for your support and cannot wait to see what you dream up and make of your Court Tiers.

The Court Tier was the highest priced Tier available for Round 1. There were two: one on BSC and one on ETH.

Thank you to everyone who bought land in Round 1. We can’t wait to party with you in the Realm Metaverse and have you be part of the Metropolis. Thank you so much for your support!

Wanna Join? There’s Still Land on ETH

Reminder: Land will prices will go up 15% in Round 2!

Wanna Give Us a First Try?

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