The Birth of Realm: The Metropolis & Portal Mining Event

5 min readSep 16, 2021


What was once dark exploded in light.
What was once lifeless breathed.
What was once darkness became Realm.

The Birth of Realm

Lifeless dark enveloped the chain, the barren tentacles of a sterile infinity stretching to the far reaches of the technological wonder in which the calculations silently took place. The darkness was known simply as Ethereum.

It was a perfect machine. However, unbeknown to the minds which controlled the code, a dormant coincidence was waiting patiently.

Ethereum ticked on. Block after block, cycle after cycle, calculation after calculation in perfect balance. Ethereum was an irrefutable chain, unbreakable, undeniable in its mathematical beauty. Nothing more.

Block 12876991 changed that.

Block 12876991 altered the story of creation.

A hash skipped on the ropes of string theory and the impalpable material of dreams woke up. An algorithmic impossibility in the Ethereum code slipped like a ghost into the chain.

What was once dark exploded in light.

What was once lifeless breathed.

What was once darkness became Realm.

Indistinguishable from magic, a singularity from which the universe was born flickered, then exploded. Expansion in all directions, a spherical shell of realms spreading through 3D space, in every direction, simultaneously. Block 12876991 created everything, or was it already there?

First Came The land

Realms emerged from the cryptographic darkness, appearing in a radial structure, spiralling out like the dust of a nebula. Each realm was a unique biome made of rock and sea, air and fauna, born from beauty and chaos, intrigue and wonder, as if art had mutated into the tangible building materials, each as diverse as the creatures which would soon walk, crawl, and fly amongst them. The realms now exist on multiple blockchains, bridging and linking dimensions and technology, players leaping and transporting between them through trans-dimensional portals.

Block 12876991 became known as the singularity. It is now the entrance to Realm; the portal via which players and gamers, collectors and investors first spawn into Realm. This doorway is where every adventure now begins; the first step on the journey to your own personal Metaverse.

Because every player enters through the doors of Block 12876991, the real-estate around the portal became extremely popular. As the commerce and the galleries, the conference halls and shops came into existence, built and minted, forged and imagined by the early adopters and adventurous explorers. So the popularity and population of Realm grew. The nascent functionality of the Realms immediately around the entrance caused their value to soar. Brands moved in, art collectors and artists built homages and galleries for their work, and events for their followers

Realms spiral out from the centre, decreasing in value as you move away from the heavy footfall and financial opportunities of the portal.

Infinite land

Realm is a Metaverse that contains infinite numbers of microverses connected by portals to each other and the central Metropolis.

Realm has created an innovative land model that solves some of the key problems that limit the growth potential of other Metaverses. Only allowing somebody to build if they have bought land limits the number of people that can build on the Metaverse. This limiting factor borrows from failed systems in our base reality and unfairly stops people who have time but not money from the economic opportunities that occur in the Metaverse. To solve this problem Realm allows anybody to build a basic Realm for free.

Building a Realm versus Owning Land in The Metropolis

We think land is a creative limitation existing in Metaverses, and we want to change this. We will allow anyone to create a realm for free.

However, you can buy land in the Metropolis, or make a great realm with high engagement, and we link the community portals to your realm. Building a realm will be free, but buying portals in the coveted Metropolis will come at a premium.

The Metaverse we are creating is not limited by land as we want to give creative people the opportunity to make cool realms for free. Instead, we are structuring Realm so that we can make the largest Metaverse yet and have the largest economy of all the Metaverses.

Even the Metropolis is a meritocracy, however, and popular realms will also be highlighted in the Metropolis via ‘Community Portals’. The creators will be rewarded with a share of platform fees based on the popularity of the realm.

The Metropolis Portal Mining Event

The singularity sits at the centre of the Realm universe and requires the energy of players in order to expand and create more worlds.

In order to sustain organic life in the Metaverse, we had to explore far and wide to find Realm Shards (sREALM) to power the singularity. As the Metaverse grew, the singularity started to become unstable (myth has it that a lone explorer came across a creature glowing in a golden light that told the explorer to search far and wide to find the Realm Shards (sREALM) that power the singularity).

Ever since that day, explorers and collectors have been feeding the singularity that sits prominently at the centre of the Realm universe, and requires the energy of players in order to expand and create more worlds.

Realm will be sharing the details of land tiers, pricing, and a map of the Metropolis prior to the mining event.

The first phase is the Metropolis Portal Mining Event:

  • The first round of mining begins on 23rd September, 2021 and lasts for 2 weeks. Tokens are locked for the duration of the event.
  • There will be another 2 week round shortly after the closing of Round 1.
  • Supporters holding $REALM stake $REALM on BSC into the Metropolis mining pool.
  • Staking rewards in sREALM are calculated each day, increasing by one sREALM for every $REALM staked per day.
  • Once enough sREALM have been collected as staking rewards, token holders can use sREALM and the correct amount of USDT to purchase one of 4 tiers of land in the Metropolis.

We can’t wait to open the Metropolis Mining Event for you all — load up on those $REALM tokens because competition will be fierce!

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