The Inclusive Metropolis Land Guide

Our next Land Mining Event is coming. Next week, you’ll able to stake your $REALM to buy land in Realm.

Two Steps Forward: The Inclusive Realm Land Model

We want to be inclusive in our approach to land in Realm. We’ve done our research, and we’ve seen how inaccessible and unfair buying and staking land can be for some players and creators in other Metaverses. That’s not us. Here’s how we’re flipping the script:

The Metaverse should be accessible, allowing creativity and adoption to flourish freely.

Land models that artificially limit the total amount of land in the Metaverse unfairly benefit wealthy players, as people who cannot afford land cannot build in the Metaverse. We’re taking a dual land approach to solve these problems.

The Metaverse should be filled with infinite experiences, and a big and beautiful thriving economy.

By limiting the amount of space, you limit the potential experiences that can be created. This can cause players to spend less time playing, and as a result, have a negative impact on adoption and the Realm economy. We want everyone to be able to play and have fun.

Our Dual Land Solution

We’re taking a dual land approach to our inclusive land solution to ensure we adhere to our ‘Two Steps Forward’.

Here’s our approach:

There are an unlimited number of realms. They can be connected to the metropolis or floating in free space. If they are floating, they can only be accessed through a creator’s profile or with a direct link.

We’re going to limit the amount of land that can be bought in the Metropolis. Each parcel of land contains a portal that can link to a realm, and there are also communal portals that cannot be bought, which link to popular realms.

The Metropolis Tiers: Plaza to Belt

The Singularity is the main entrance to the Metropolis. Portals closest to the Singularity will be the first portals players see, increasing footfall to the connected realms. Players can explore the rings to discover the other Tiers and jump through other portals to experience the wild worlds of realms.

This post has been updated to reflect new and accurate information about our land sale. Find out all the details about Round 1 here: Round 1: Metropolis Land Mining Starts Tuesday, October 5th at 3pm UTC!

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