The Metaverse Revolution — Meet Our Advisors Series: Barry Herbst, Blockchain Aficionado & NFT Investor

2 min readAug 24, 2021

As we get closer to the launch of Realm, we’re ready to share more details on who’s helping us behind-the-scenes (BTS). In this BTS series, we’re going to introduce you to our advisors.

At Realm, we believe in working with people who bring skills and minds that challenge the current and push us to do better — for you. Our team of advisors work as hard as we do, and they’re helping us dissolve limits and break barriers, so we can lead you into the Metaverse revolution.

Today, for our very first advisor introduction, we’d like you to meet Barry Herbst, blockchain aficionado and NFT investor.

Realm Advisor: Barry Herbst, Blockchain Aficionado and NFT Investor

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Barry brings significant relationship building across a diverse and holistic network. His experience as both a blockchain aficionado and investor allows him to understand projects intimately from both a strategic and technological stand point. Barry is deeply passionate about NFTs and the Metaverse, and has been investing in both NFTs and NFT companies for two years.

Barry’s NFT Investments

Barry’s NFT collection includes pieces from Fvckrender, Android Jones, Marterium, Tim Riopelle, Victor Mosquera, Trevor Jones, baeige, Jesus Martinez, and toomuchlag. One of Barry’s most prized pieces is Fvckrender’s 1/1 planets, FV_ARIAX9, which he acquired from the NiftyGateway auction. He’s also an avid virtual land collector.

Fvckrender’s 1/1 planets, FV_ARIAX9

Realm x Barry

Barry’s advisory role has helped us expand our NFT artist network and gain insight into the NFT marketplace. He’s introduced us to heavy NFT hitters and renegades, like KidEight, and has grown our connections and NFT artist list internationally. Our team speaks with Barry regularly, and he always brings new perspectives, connections, and learnings about the NFT market and Metaverse landscape. We’re grateful to have Barry advise Realm, and for every minute he shares with us, so we can build, create, and share with you!

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