The Metaverse Revolution — Meet Our Advisors Series: David Ham

We are happy to bring you the latest installment of our “Meet our Advisors” series! Read the previous three articles about Barry Herbst, Michelle Tsing, and Matthew Land/David Marshall to learn more about Realm’s advisors!

In this article we would like to introduce David Ham, co-founder of Mintway and EtherBucks, Ex-Head of Blockchain at Samsung, leader of Polygon’s web3Guild in Seoul, and distributed ledger technology veteran. Born and raised in Canada, Ham’s professional career started in telecommunications. He eventually moved to Seoul, and in 2015 he joined Samsung to work on mobile device security. Ham pivoted to work in Samsung’s blockchain department, which he ended up leading. But that was far from Ham’s first experience with blockchain.

Back in 2010 Ham had a friend in Vancouver who owned a cell phone store with lots of government and corporate contacts. At the time there was a surge in illegal marijuana grow ops in British Columbia, and Ham had a suspicion that his friend was growing marijuana in the back of the store. He entered the back room and, to his surprise, did not find an illicit grow op, but a room full of servers mining Bitcoin. Ham pulled out $100 and asked his friend if he could buy some Bitcoin — which at the time amounted to 101 BTC, which today would be worth about $4,000,000 USD and that was the beginning of his blockchain journey.

Over the next few years, Ham had Bitcoin on his mind but was still too early for his ideas to gain traction. In 2013 he worked on a crypto ATM startup, but the public still thought bitcoin was a scam. It was not until 2015 and his entry to Samsung’s blockchain department that things started to pick up.

David Ham was as early to NFTs as he was to Bitcoin. In 2017 a client from Europe needed a solution to use blockchain to manage their assets. Ham developed a solution that would use NFTs to manage the assets, but he was laughed off by his peers. He wrote a white paper about collecting classic cars, wrote MOUs with Porsche and Audi, but still no one cared. Just like with Bitcoin, David Ham was still convinced that NFTs would change the world, and with the rise of CryptoKitties he started to see other people beginning to pay attention to the potential of NFTs.

In 2018 Ham left Samsung to start Scanetchain, an AR and blockchain marketing platform, where he raised $15M for the project, but with the 2018 crypto crash, it became unsustainable to continue the business , bringing it to a close at the end of 2019.

Ham’s passion for blockchain was not deterred by this small setback, and he pushed forward, starting a blockchain consulting firm and taking on an advisory role at multiple tech and Web3 companies. Ham also launched his own NFT collection called EtherBucks, which tells the history of ETH through NFTs. Each NFT in the collection represents a date in Ethereum’s history and includes the price in USD of ETH on that date. He also started MintWay, an open portal for NFTs, aspiring to be the Google of NFTs.

David Ham began advising Realm in 2021. While the metaverse is a concept that has been slowly developing for years, Ham says that the metaverse is now compelling because of NFTs. We all grew up playing games with items, leaderboards, and plenty of opportunities for us to pour money into the game ecosystems. But, Ham explains, the value of those Web2 games disappears when you turn the game off. With the integration of NFTs into the metaverse, suddenly that value lives outside of the games themselves, and we can earn from our engagement. Ham firmly believes that technology is only valuable if it makes people’s lives better, and after being introduced to blockchain back in 2010, he is excited to now see the metaverse space focusing on players and giving them power and agency.

David has been helping Realm to develop its strategy for the South Korean and East Asian Markets which are some of the largest and fastest growing in the metaverse sector. David has also been connecting Realm with key partners in the mobile technology, blockchain, and metaverse industries. We are very excited to reveal what we’ve been working on together to the Realm community.

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About Realm

Realm is a mobile-first, play-to-earn, social impact driven Metaverse that allows gamers, players and artists to create their own personalized NFT microverse. Creators can bring unique music, art, and games into their realms. Whole living worlds can be minted as an ERC-1155 NFT and traded on the OpenSea Marketplace. Additionally, players can discover, trade, collect and view NFTs in the environments and experiences their creators imagined.

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Cross-chain metaverse & living NFT creatures

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Cross-chain metaverse & living NFT creatures

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