The Metaverse Revolution — Meet Our Advisors Series: Marshland Capital

Marshland Capital’s advisory advice helps us refine our influencer and KOL marketing, provide strategic advice on marketing activities and partnerships, pricing and tokenomics, and so much more.

Realm Advisors: Matthew Land and David Marshall, Marshland Capital

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Through his brand at Oh Hey Matty, Matt created the Oh Hey Matty spreadsheet in 2017, an early start-up, data-driven, metric analysis system that is credited by top industry experts as a foundational pillar to the expansion of early-stage capital formation in the digital space and a critical contribution to the Ethereum blockchain. In 2017 Matthew joined Marshland Capital alongside David Marshall, to foster a full-stack accelerator and capital deployment arm where he currently continues to help shape and guide the vision and future of digital assets.

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He bought his first Bitcoin in 2013 which began his new journey in the Blockchain Industry. After actively investing and advising projects personally he formed Marshland Capital in 2017 alongside Matthew Land, to foster a full-stack accelerator and private equity capital deployment enterprise where they currently help shape, support and guide the visions of many top tier projects that have the potential of becoming future leading lights of the Digital Assets Industry.

Realm x Marshland Capital

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