Token Vesting & Circulating Supply

6 min readAug 10, 2022


There have been some questions about circulating supply of $REALM token utility so we have written this article to get all the relevant information into one place. To get a good grasp please review Realm’s tokenomics, they can be found on this google drive link.

Tokenomics Overview Tab — displays an overview of the token distribution.

Daily release Schedule Tab — displays the distribution each day per pool.

Realm Tokenomics and Circulating Supply — Public Link


For the purposes of this article we will start by looking at the total released amount as displayed in the Tokenomics on the 10th of August 2022. The 2 tables below display the released amount for each group. Total Unlocked is the total amount of $REALM tokens unlocked on that date. Daily Unlocked is the amount of tokens that unlock each day across all pools.

As you can see according to the Tokenomics Realm should have 306,700,386.01 $REALM unlocked, roughly 30.67% of the circulating supply.

Seed, Private Sale 1, and Private Sale 2 were cliffed at times when the team wanted to protect the token price by limiting supply at that time.

During the bull market it was beneficial for projects to have a small market cap as investors looked for the next early stage microcap that still had a lot of growth potential. For this reason Realm did not claim the majority of the tokens that were unlocked based on the Tokenomics. With the current market conditions investors are looking for projects that are more established with less token supply inflation, so it is in our interest to bring the circulating supply in line with the tokenomics.

Not only this, Realm is in talks with major institutions that can expand Realm’s market presence and reduce the barriers to entry for purchasing $REALM. These entities are keen to see the supply decentralized further from the central safe that contains the majority of supply. Therefore we are taking action to ensure that our circulating supply is both an accurate reflection of the tokenomics (and therefore more attractive to investors), and to facilitate the decentralization of the supply.

In order to achieve this, a vesting contract has been created and funded that holds the token allocations for the pools listed below. The contract can be found here and the vesting schedules remain the same for all pools.

  • Product
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Team
  • Partnerships
  • Advisors

The pre-sale vesting contract remains the same, at the published address here:

Reducing supply through with product Utility

Realm has 3 core products: Metaverse, Marketplace and Builder Tools.

To date our development of these 3 products has been much faster than our competitors having only closed our first round of funding of $2.25m on May 19th 2021 we went on to:

  • Release the world’s first mobile Metaverse on June 21st 2022.
  • Release our no code Builder tools on July 22nd 2022.
  • Release our DAPP marketplace by the end of August 2022 after we have completed our finishing touches.

Delivery of these 3 products enables us to focus on how the $REALM token is consumed by each of these products.


At the core the marketplace enables Realm to start selling items that can either be used in the metaverse to unlock experiences and Play to Earn rewards or items that are used in the builder tools to create unique spaces and earn more Build to Earn rewards.

Builder Tools

We have seen a large number of people building Realms and some of you might be asking how the builder tools will be monetised to remove $REALM from circulation. One of the first products that we are focussed on is a Early Access Pass for that enables builders who hold the Early Access Pass to unlock new modules and features to create new and engaging spaces that people can play in and experience.

The benefit of holding an Early Access Pass means that builders will be able to make better spaces, which are more engaging for players, meaning the Build to Earn rewards will likely be higher for those creators.

To not limit the long term growth and quality of realms created via the builder tools, the modules and features will unlock for free to all creators after a period of time, likely a few months later than holders of the Early Access Pass get access to them.

Land and Free Realms

Beyond the Time Pass we will be further monetising Builder Tools by placing limits on the number of modules that can be used in a realm. If a free realm is being created and it hits the limit the Creator will need to spend $REALM to add more modules and increase the size of their space.

If a creator has a land parcel this will enable them to unlock significantly more modules than a free Realm and it will directly connect their realm to the metropolis for increased footfall and Build to Earn rewards. Furthermore land owners will have a much higher chance of their realm appearing in the News Feed on the social app.

Competitive Games

Realm is releasing a competitive hoverboarding game with STEPN mechanics called HOVR. In this game you have practice races and competitive races. The practice races are free to enter and have no rewards. The competitive races have rewards for the top 20% of racers, you need to pay the boardsmith to fix your board as it sustains damage between races and this mechanism is used to distribute additional rewards and remove some $REALM from circulation each race.

Realm Starter

Realm Starter will be released once we have further developed the builder tool functionality and competitive games features so that when we inflate the supply of $REALM to support creators we are able to offer those creators the right kind of functionality to create engaging games that people want to play. The more people play these games the more platform fees that are generated and those fees will be locked for a period not shorter than 12 months.

Hosting Events in the Metropolis.

Realm is all about reducing the barriers to entry to enable projects, creators and brands to enter the metaverse as quickly and easily as possible. One thing we have noticed is that we could reduce the barriers further by renting out pre-made spaces with the right functionality to host events. So once we implement decentralized audio sharing functionality we will be enabling anybody to book a slot in the metropolis where they can take control of an audio channel that fills a large area in each district to host their own events. This enables brands to host metaverse events and start to build a community with no time spent building just a cost paid in $REALM.

Going Forward

We will release detailed diagrams and explanations of the Realm economy once we have released the marketplace and feel we are in a position where we will not be explaining our best thinking to our competitors, without having a good head start.

Until then check out some of the generative hoverboards from the HOVR collection, these boards will be listed in multiple currencies including $REALM and you will be able to rent them out.