What You Can Do With $REALM In The Realm Metaverse

3 min readJul 26, 2021

Discover eggs containing rare NFTs, earn $REALM for creating and mastering your realm, purchase in-game items for your NFT living pets, and have a voice in community governance! We’ve got lots of things planned for your $REALM.

Our Allocation Mining Event (AME) with Launchpool launches today! It will be the first time the $REALM token will be available publicly. So what can you do with $REALM?

Here’s what we have planned:

What is $REALM

$REALM token is a cross-chain token that functions as the primary utility token within the Realm metaverse.

$REALM is initially an ERC-20 token that will also be available on Reef Chain, Polygon Layer 2 and BSC chains, which provides low-cost transactions for players. Players can use one click bridges to move their tokens between different chains.

$REALM’s long-term value

We’ve made key design choices to increase the value of $REALM tokens over time by decreasing the circulating supply. As creators build larger and more complex microverses the owners will be required to stake $REALM tokens to support its maintenance and utilise additional features such as a hyper portal, which increases their realm’s visibility.

Realm Eggs are Cryptographic capsules formed from the unstable potential of future blocks, and are each completely unique. Once their form is finalised as an ERC1155, the owner can trigger their opening and reveal the secrets of the hashEgg on Eth, Matic or Reef chains. This is a working prototype!

Using $REALM in the Realm Metaverse

From in-purchase items to exploringing the Metaverse and finding eggs that contain rare NFTs, and community governance. Here’s what we have planned so far on how $REALM will be used.

  • Purchases in realms: Players spend $REALM to purchase NFTix and access other realms, or purchase in-game consumables and cosmetic items.
  • Rewards: $REALM will be rewarded to players for interacting with the Metaverse including creating and mastering realms, exploring other realms, discovering eggs with rare NFTs, and loot box rewards.
  • Staking: $REALM staking provides players with rewards and in-game advantages. Rewards include limited edition Layer 2 NFTs and access to exclusive realms and content.
  • Governance: Holding $REALM tokens will allow players to exercise key voting rights on major decisions about the future direction and development of the Realm ecosystem.
  • Fees: 10% of all transactions carried out in $REALM tokens will be equally divided between the Realm foundation and Realm development and operations.

See the AME live on Launchpool and follow them on Twitter for updates on the AME this week.

About Realm

Realm is a cross-chain based NFT platform where designers, artists and developers can build their own personal metaverses, curate NFT exhibitions and events, and trade NFTs, NFTix and on-chain genetic pets.

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