Your Turn Gallery: Realm’s Emerging And Undiscovered NFT Artist Space

5 min readJul 15, 2021


One the biggest challenges in any creative scene is getting your work noticed. Let’s change that. Your Turn gallery will be a space for NFT artists with under 10k followers to showcase their work, build a community, and work together to bring forward new and undiscovered NFT artists. Read below on how to sign up!

The first NFT was minted in 2014. In 2020 NFT sales reached $250 million, and then the snowball really started rocketing down the mountain. In the first quarter of 2021 sales famously reached $2 billion. Yes, demand, interest and clamour for digital art in all guises is unprecedented, but these numbers can be daunting for artists who are just beginning their creative NFT journey.

So, to help, we are going to be building an exclusive Realm gallery for new and emerging NFT artists to showcase their NFTs to the world. We want to give a stage to the hidden talents exploring the edges of their imagination to create beautiful, dangerous, exhilarating, futuristic, sumptuous, and crazy NFT art. Or, those who have pieces that need to be seen.

KidEight, CryptoPunks, Beeple, SuperRare, Fewocious, Pak, Mad Dog Jones, Slimesunday, and Hakatao. Their names are as synonymous with the NFT world as their art is groundbreaking. They are at the top of the food chain, their work bought and sold for hundreds of thousands of crypto; their tweets and Instagram accounts bursting at the seams. And rightly so.

We have our own collaboration with KidEight and it’s going to be a wild ride. We are very excited for you to witness it. But every superstar starts out with an opportunity wrapped up in preparation. We want to give rising stars that platform, that opportunity. At Realm, we understand what it’s like to be a new player on the block. We are new ourselves, after all.

The Your Turn Gallery

The Your Turn gallery will showcase the work of a select number of awesome and inspiring NFT artists who have less than 10k followers across their social media platforms. It will be a place where emerging talent can break into the wider NFT community, build belief and take their artistic journey to the next level.

Located close to the Realm lobby, the Your Turn gallery will get pride of place in the Realm Metaverse. It will have high footfall and look stunning. It will be the first gallery new arrivals see. When Fewocious, Beeple, or Mad Dog Jones come themselves to look around Realm, it will be one of the first things they see.

For those artists who get to exhibit, it will be a life-changing opportunity to have their work seen, admired and bought; to set tongues wagging and get their name trending. And if that wasn’t enough, once an artist is chosen to exhibit their work, there will be no fees on sales.

We’re adamant this is key to the growth of both Realm and the NFT world at large.

How do artists get into the Your Turn gallery?

If you are an artist and you’re saying to yourself, “that sounds awesome, I want to be involved, what do I have to do?” There is one prerequisite: you must have fewer than 10k followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Sound like you? Congratulations, you’re eligible. A few administrative details you need to be aware of:

● First: Fill out our Emerging Artists form so we can get to know you
● Realm will curate the exhibition until the 28th September, after we will pass curative control over to the NFT artist community to invite the next NFT artist
● The gallery will have limited slots to exhibit: there will be 5–10 artists per week
● Each artist has 7 days to display their work
● After 7 days artists can nominate another artist to take their slot

NFTix in the Your Turn Gallery

Those familiar with Realm will have read about our NFTix (see our white paper). In short they are tickets for an event but have all the attributes of an NFT: they can be bought, traded, collected or sold. All entrants to the gallery will receive an NFTix that advertises the artists’ work. Besides being a work of art themselves, the NFTix will also act as an advert in the holder’s wallet.

Added entertainment and Building buzz

In addition to being a visual delight and situated close to the Realm lobby so as to attract maximum visitors, we will be adding to the entertainment and buzz by organising a program of events and talks by more established NFT artists and experts in the field. These will take place inside the gallery.

Having artists and musicians who have already made a name for themselves is incredibly exciting. Of course it will attract players, gamers and collectors from the wider NFT world to interact with Realm, but it will inspire and motivate our up-and-coming artists. Success is contagious and we want to create an environment where everyone can catch it.

You’ll have to follow our social channels to be the first to know of the artists and NFT experts who will have a platform to speak, but suffice to say they will be well known and you will want to come and listen.

What we hope to achieve with the Your Turn Gallery

Whilst simultaneously building the best community of artists, collectors and fans on the internet, we want to showcase up-and-coming and existing NFT artists who’s work isn’t being seen, and give them a platform where they can break out in the NFT space. We want to surprise, enlighten and entertain an audience and show off the capabilities of Realm.

Worlds are created, changed and morph from the ground up. We’re building that ground digitally and, with the Your Turn gallery, giving it over to you, the artists. See you there.

→ Read about our collaboration with KidEight and get inspired to build your own ideas in Realm.

→ If you missed it: Fill out our Emerging Artist form to sign up for Your Turn gallery.

Realm is expected to launch late July 2021. For now, join us on Twitter and Telegram for updates and drops, and read our white paper to find out more.