Dev Logs #10: Tutorials, New Race Tracks, and Trim Sheets


New Race Track

As you may have noticed on some of our Previous Devlogs, we have been putting quite a lot of development effort into building the very best racing system in all the Metaverse! The following renderings show another example of one of our custom race tracks. Get ready to rev your engines and enjoy these gorgeous racing environments!

Carrier Race Track Renderings

Trim Sheets

Trim sheets are a useful tool in game development that streamline the process of making multiple worlds that contain similar digital assets. In order to future proof the process of making new Race Tracks, we’ve been developing these trim sheets.

Example of a Trim Sheet in Realm

About Realm

Realm is a mobile-first, play-to-earn, social impact driven Metaverse that allows gamers, players and artists to create their own personalized NFT microverse. Creators can bring unique music, art, and games into their realms. Whole living worlds can be minted as an ERC-1155 NFT and traded on the OpenSea Marketplace. Alternatively, players can discover, trade, collect and view NFTs in the environments and experiences their creators imagined.



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