Realm DevLog #4: Metropolis Implementation, Resource Loading, and Car Racing!

3 min readNov 19, 2021



Our team has achieved significant milestones in the last fortnight, including bundling the entire realm mobile application for Pre-Alpha distribution. This involves embedding the entire Realm game engine inside the social application (React Native) and linking it all together — this is a massive technical achievement, as any dev will know! We can’t wait to show you this soon. In the meantime, here’s more on what we’ve been working on:

#1 — Refining the Metropolis now in the Metaverse

A starry view of the brand new Metropolis!

Many of you who invested in land in the Metropolis know this city is the epicenter of Realm’s Metropolis activity. The design and implementation has been a labor of love for our team, and we are excited to announce that it is finally ready!

We experimented with different materials, lighting, and background images to create immersive atmospheres in the metropolis. Following the concept and development phase, assets are being created in Blender and then combined in Godot. These designs go through many iterations until we are all happy with the final product.

We want our virtual worlds to stand out against the noise of every day, so getting the overall ambiance right is critical. We have now implemented these designs into the Realm game engine to be ready for players to experience!

#2 — Rapid Resource loading, app-integration

Performance is key to an enjoyable user experience and a world-class application. We are designing our app to be as easy to use and intuitive as possible, so people can maximize their time playing games and interacting with their friends and minimize waiting time.

To keep app-store downloads small and deliver updates quickly, we download all of our game data at runtime while supporting everything wrapped in our native Android and iOS apps, transitioning smoothly between the game engine and the native app.

Updating our app at runtime means building a solid and lightweight system to download updates and apply them without needing to close or restart the app, without needing to push large updates through the app stores every time. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to see all this for yourself when you download the app!

#3 — Realm’s Very Own Racing Engine

No Metaverse would be complete without its very own racing engine, so we decided to build one into Realm! Not only can you bring custom NFT cars onto the racetrack, but you can also customize your own tracks! You’ll be able to design the shape of the tracks, choose what prizes and collectibles appear in the game, and add obstacles and challenges along the way! Rev up your engines and get ready to have some fun!

Let us know what cars you’d like to see in the Metaverse → Here

Bonus — Forbes Gallery

Earlier this week, Realm was invited to represent the Metaverse at the first annual Forbes Monaco Crypto and Art Gala. Realm and Crown Sterling came together at Hotel de Paris, and sponsored a VIP Cocktail, and Larby made the the first bid of the evening and acquired two of Forbes’s most exciting NFT covers featuring Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton and David Iakobachvili; read the article to learn more. As you can see in the above video, we also brought the NFT covers into the Metaverse!

Stay tuned for more updates on our Pre-Alpha rollout, upcoming land sales, and much, much more! See you in the Metaverse!