DevLogs #8: Game Testing and Chat Systems

Pre-Alpha Update

  • In early November, we successfully compiled the first version of the Realm App, and began testing with our internal team and a very small group of select testers.
  • This phase was designed to work out all the basic bugs that are bound to arise with any new product, especially one which integrates such complex technological infrastructure! We are happy to report that we’ve got most of these bugs worked out, and are gearing up to move to the next phase!
  • Alpha testing will begin in January 2022. This will be a multiphase process that begins with a hired group of quality assurance testers, slowly expanding to a select group of ambassadors from our community, and a few influencers who will begin to leak gameplay footage publicly.
  • We will then open up more broadly and begin to onboard everyone from our community who has registered to be an early game tester. We will use the higher volume of testers to pressure test servers and continue to refine and improve our systems.
  • The Alpha product will be a minimal version of the App with all of the core functionality in place. The main goal will be to demonstrate the utility that we have designed and built on our platform.
  • The Beta version will be the first public version of the Realm Game. It will be full of quests, use cases, and curated experiences that will demonstrate to the world what we have built, and what anyone can build in their Realms. Once Beta is live, we will steadily push new updates and experiences for people to enjoy, and we will be incorporating a lot of community feedback into the further design and development of the platform.

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A few views of our central metropolis!

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