Play-to-Earn In The Realm Metaverse

2 min readJul 27, 2021
Temple of Doge Realm prototype

Think you can find your way out of the Temple of Doge?

Explore to Earn

When you are building a magical metaverse made out of realms created by world class artists, whose only limitation is their imagination, you can really throw out the rule book and flip the script on what a game experience should feel like. So, with Realm, we decided to reward users for exploring and creating realms.

At the heart of Realm is a journey of discovery where players explore vast realms travelling through portals on the hunt for elusive artefacts. Break out of reality and step into the realms, and along the way you will discover rare NFTs and $REALM tokens.

As you travel through the realms, your character will evolve to the point where it can bond with a rare Realmie. Realmies are unique creatures that merged with our reality after the quantum collapse occurred at the genesis block of the Realm metaverse. Realmies are metaverse natives, consider them your inter-dimensional companion that always has your back and helps you find the rarest of artefacts.

Build to Earn

Aside from exploring realms, those bound with the gifts of creation can design and import their own realms and earn $REALM tokens for doing so, through multiple methods including tips from Realm travellers, renting their realm for events and exhibitions and selling their whole realm.

Earn how much?

A fundamental design of the Realm metaverse is it’s owned by the players so 25% of the $REALM tokens are locked up for community rewards. These $REALM tokens will be awarded to individuals who explore the $REALM metaverse and people who create realms.


All artefacts are minted on either Polygon or ETH so it’s simple to sell them directly on OpenSea to other players. Just remember if you sell an artefact it could end up being more useful than you ever realised, unlocking secret doors and magical abilities for the holder.

Oh, and did we mention once you make a realm, you mint it as an ERC 1155? That’s right: your own is an NFT itself. We’ll share more of this tomorrow in our article about Realm as an NFT.