The Metaverse Revolution — Meet Our Advisors Series: Marshland Capital

3 min readSep 2, 2021


Marshland Capital’s advisory advice helps us refine our influencer and KOL marketing, provide strategic advice on marketing activities and partnerships, pricing and tokenomics, and so much more.

This series is for you to get to know our advisors! Have you already met Barry Herbst, Blockchain Aficionado and NFT Investor?

At Realm, we believe in working with people who bring skills and minds that challenge the current and push us to do better — for you. Our team of advisors work as hard as we do, and they’re helping us dissolve limits and break barriers, so we can lead you into the Metaverse revolution.

Today, we’d like you to meet Matthew Land and David Marshall from Marshland Capital.

Realm Advisors: Matthew Land and David Marshall, Marshland Capital

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Matthew Land has a background in Computer science working as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer Lead for over five years at Providersoft, which was acquired by Constellation Software, a publicly traded company listed on the S&P/TSX 60, under his leadership. Matthew is a blockchain domain expert working in the digital technologies space since 2013.

Through his brand at Oh Hey Matty, Matt created the Oh Hey Matty spreadsheet in 2017, an early start-up, data-driven, metric analysis system that is credited by top industry experts as a foundational pillar to the expansion of early-stage capital formation in the digital space and a critical contribution to the Ethereum blockchain. In 2017 Matthew joined Marshland Capital alongside David Marshall, to foster a full-stack accelerator and capital deployment arm where he currently continues to help shape and guide the vision and future of digital assets.

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David began his career in the Credit Insurance sector with Euler Trade Indemnity Plc, before transitioning into the Corporate FX industry with roles at Travelex Plc and Western Union Global. He then moved into the Fund Management space when he started the International Payments Division and later started the Emerging Markets Division at Celestial Private Equity Fund. During this period, David was active in many new tech business investments that create a passion and interest in the technology sector. He later took the role of Commercial Director for LinuxIT Europe providing consultancy and technology services to the likes of Bank of England, ABN Amro and BNP Paribas.

He bought his first Bitcoin in 2013 which began his new journey in the Blockchain Industry. After actively investing and advising projects personally he formed Marshland Capital in 2017 alongside Matthew Land, to foster a full-stack accelerator and private equity capital deployment enterprise where they currently help shape, support and guide the visions of many top tier projects that have the potential of becoming future leading lights of the Digital Assets Industry.

Realm x Marshland Capital

Marshland Capital’s advisory role focuses on helping us refine our influencer and KOL marketing, provide strategic advice on marketing activities and partnerships, pricing and tokenomics, and so much more. We speak with Marshland Capital almost daily, and their sound and solid advice has guided us in building Realm. We’re grateful to have Marshland Capital onboard and for every minute they share with us so we can build the best Metaverse for you!

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