Part 1—Meet Your New NFT Metaverse Pet: Realmies

3 min readAug 18, 2021


Techno Realmie Prototype

Our 3D, fully animated Realmie pets are set to revolutionize the Metaverse. Explore the Realm Metaverse with your Realmie, breed Realmies, and collect or trade your Realmie.

What are Realmies?

Realmies are unique NFT pets that mutate, evolve and transform as they explore realms. They can be collected, traded or simply admired. You will be able to show them off on your social channels, share them with community members, and, of course, verify their uniqueness on the blockchain.

You and your Realmie can explore Realm finding hidden NFT loot and crypto-treasures scattered around realms — and you’ll earn $REALM for playing together!

Everyone will get a Realmie upon entering Realm, and others can be found in randomised loot boxes scattered throughout the Realm Metaverse.

Working on your Realmies — draft notes

Epigenetics and Realmies

Epigenetics is the study of how behaviour and environment can alter the way your genes work. Just as humans evolve differently depending on their environment, so do Realmies in Realm.

Realmies will mutate, evolve and behave depending on the realms they visit, how they interact in those realms, and the food which they consume.

This is the wonderful world of blockchain and ChainLink technology: your Realmie’s NFT code will change as your pet mutates and evolves in the Metaverse.

There’ll be six classes of Reamlies. This is a Common Realmie.

Breeding Realmies and Verifiable Randomness

As well as being valuable themselves, when you have two Realmie pets, you can breed them to create a new Reamlie offspring. When two pets breed, there is no way of knowing what the offspring will grow up to be.

The genetic characteristic of both parents will be randomly combined with Chainlink’s Verifiable Randomness to create offspring with brand new characteristics.

In essence, Chainlink VRF is a secure random number generator, purpose-built for smart contracts, which generates a provably fair source of on-chain randomness.

After the creation, Realm’s genetic breeding contract will enable you to mint the pet as a dynamic NFT. As the offspring grows, mutates and experiences realms, using an oracle such as ChainLink, will give real time updates of the NFT, resulting in an Realmie that’s as unique as you or I.

The Metaverse is an internet of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces where people work, play, and socialize together. Via AR and MR, the physical domain will merge with the virtual. That’s what we’re building for you at Realm. Learn more about The Metaverse.