Part 1—Meet Your New NFT Metaverse Pet: Realmies

Techno Realmie Prototype

Our 3D, fully animated Realmie pets are set to revolutionize the Metaverse. Explore the Realm Metaverse with your Realmie, breed Realmies, and collect or trade your Realmie.

What are Realmies?

Everyone will get a Realmie upon entering Realm, and others can be found in randomised loot boxes scattered throughout the Realm Metaverse.

Working on your Realmies — draft notes

Epigenetics and Realmies

Realmies will mutate, evolve and behave depending on the realms they visit, how they interact in those realms, and the food which they consume.

There’ll be six classes of Reamlies. This is a Common Realmie.

Breeding Realmies and Verifiable Randomness

The genetic characteristic of both parents will be randomly combined with Chainlink’s Verifiable Randomness to create offspring with brand new characteristics.



Cross-chain metaverse & living NFT creatures

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