Part 2 — Classes Of Realmies And Earning $REALM Playing With Your Realmie

2 min readAug 19, 2021


A Fiery Realmie

The next evolution in NFTs is dynamic NFTs — pets, worlds, plants, and art. Hello, Realmies. Hello, Realm.

From Rare to Typical, we’ll have a Realmie for everyone to own, trade, or sell. Come play in the Metaverse and earn $REALM with your Realmie.

There Six Classes of Realmies: Rare to Typical

There are six classes of Realmie pets in the Realm universe. Genesis is the rarest and the most sought after.

There will be a very limited number of Genesis pets, half hidden in-game and the other half available to buy at an auction on OpenSea.

Aside from Genesis, there are five species of Realmies. Here’s the list (so far) from rarest to most typical:

· Mythic
· Legendary
· Rare
· Uncommon
· Common

A Common Realmie

Realmies are metaverse natives, consider them your inter-dimensional companion that always has your back and helps you find the rarest of artefacts.

Play to Earn $REALM with Your Realmie

You’re going to be able to play games and earn $REALM with your Realmies, create competitions, explore the hidden gems of the Metaverse, host sporting events, raves, and much more. You and your Realmie’s adventures are going to be endless.

Imagine setting up your very own Olympic Games for your Realmie. You create the stadiums and worlds where these events can take place, and invite other players to participate.

At the heart of Realm is a journey of discovery where players explore vast realms travelling through portals on the hunt for elusive artefacts. Break out of reality and step into the realms, and along the way you will discover rare NFTs and earn $REALM tokens playing with your Realmie.

Techno Realmie Prototype

At Realm we are leading the charge. Every action and reaction you undertake, in both the realms and the art and entertainment found in the realms, has a knock on effect. The NFTs mutate and blossom, the community grows. More and more players and creators look for creative control and adventure.

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