The Realm Teaser App is Here!

2 min readOct 6, 2021


We’ve been talking about it.

You’ve been patiently waiting for it.

Today, a sneak peek is here.

We’re excited to announce a teaser version of the Realm mobile app is available for Apple and Android.

This isn’t the pre-alpha, but a teaser of where we’re going, giving you a sneak peek into the Realm Metropolis in augmented reality (AR).

This teaser version of the Realm app is simple: you sign up, add your wallet, see your NFTs, and can view the Metropolis in AR.

The first 1,500 users to sign up for our teaser app will receive a Founders Badge on their profile once Realm is launched.

The Homepage

Here’s the homepage, the place where your Realm adventure starts!

The Profile

This is your profile page where you can view your NFTs when you connect your wallet.

We’re thrilled to share this new update with you, and can’t wait to show you more! We are planning on launching our pre-alpha later this month, stay close for the drop date and your chance to be the first to play Realm!

Get it on Apple

Get it on Google Play

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We’ve got a wicked cool partnership with Pluto Alliance’s BitBoy Crypto Project.

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